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A few questions about Lego Star Wars

A Member of LEGO Company's staff drops in here from time to time to answer questions from LEGO fans like you.

A few questions about Lego Star Wars

Postby Kit Fisto » Wed Aug 19, 2009 9:56 am

I have been a Lego fan for many years and I was thrilled when lego starwars the video game came out, and I was more thrilled to find out that Kit Fisto was playable. After I finished the game I sent a letter to Lego with ideas for Lego Star Wars sets. I recieved a letter back from Greg Farshtey sent me back a letter saying that you guys at lego had to get permission from LucasArts to make the sets, but I have the potential to work for Lego, which made me very happy to hear. Then years later you guys brought out a set for one of my 3 ideas, Grievous' Starfighter, and most recently Lego had a poll to vote for the anniversary set and another one of my ideas was a choice, Palpatine's Arrest. I'm not asking for a free set or anything, but does the fact that it was a choice in the poll make it a possiblity for that set to be a set in the future?

Also, why did you guys change the design of Kit Fisto's minifigure?

If you can answer these questions, even if it's just one of the two that would be great either way.

Thanks :D
Kit Fisto
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Re: A few questions about Lego Star Wars

Postby Turkguy19 » Wed Aug 19, 2009 12:32 pm

1)Your ideas are main things from the movies, so there for it was only a matter of time before they were sets.
2)Steve can't comment on future releases, read the rules.
3)Because they wanted to.
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