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Lego Chima: The Croc Swamp Hideout

Though we don't cover them in detail on FBTB, we all still love our Castle, Pirates, and Space LEGO too.

Lego Chima: The Croc Swamp Hideout

Postby ufjason » Fri Apr 12, 2013 2:27 pm

Mods, please feel free to edit to size these images properly as I've yet to figure out the trick.

eBay store, contact me if you'd like to perform trades from my inventory. I'm looking for original genosian fighers, second version a-wing fighters and tie bombers. I may be interested in other sets so let me know what you have.
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Re: Lego Chima: The Croc Swamp Hideout

Postby sparkart » Sat Apr 13, 2013 7:18 am

I wonder if the lion crib looks something like this:Image

These Chima sets look so nifty, especially the Croc-inspired sets. If I was a kid, I'd play with these for hours. I'd imagine I'd twist the story a bit, and make a race of hybrid creatures, half-croc/half-bird, half-lion/half-bird, half-bird everything, because wings are cool. One group of these hybrid creatures would tout themselves as the next evolution of the Chima races, and be militant; While another group of hybrids would espouse tolerance and inclusion with the "pure-breds". Wait, you've heard this before? It's X-Men? Who are they?
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