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It's the end of the world! MOC

Though we don't cover them in detail on FBTB, we all still love our Castle, Pirates, and Space LEGO too.

It's the end of the world! MOC

Postby The Joker1 » Tue Dec 11, 2012 3:20 am

Do you fear the end of the world? If were gonna go lets do it in style. By taking all the monsters of this earth with us.

For a competition to make a End Of The World moc I have created this. :D

Its the final days of earth as we know it, All the evil imaginable has broken loose. Gotham has been taken to the ground and one clown wants his town back.

In the words of a wise man "When gotham is in ashes, You have my permission to die"

9 002 by Joker 789, on Flickr

The police have been overthrown and justice has been handed over to the people.

9 003 by Joker 789, on Flickr

I dont know if you have ever had to fight off a crowd of zombies using only a tennis racket and a saucepan, But it sure aint easy.

Jokers reign at the end of the world! by Joker 789, on Flickr

But though there is pain and sorrow the towns arch criminals are detirmined to take down this evil and reclaim gotham for themselves.

9 010 by Joker 789, on Flickr

At the heart of the rebellion is none other than nutorious criminal The Joker.

9 005 by Joker 789, on Flickr

"If i can't have this town nobody can"

9 006 by Joker 789, on Flickr

Using parts salvaged from other destroyed vehicles Joker has built an almighty juggernaught of a machine that will take out anything that gets in its way

9 009 by Joker 789, on Flickr

And here is an overview of the creation.

I have been building non stop for hours so I hope you enjoy it.

Any c&c would be great.

-Joker out
The Joker1
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