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Buy and Sell

Postby bigj22 » Tue Jun 09, 2009 6:06 pm

hey guys, Just wanted to voice my opinion about the new rules for not being allowed to sell unless 1 of 2 things are met. Well, I have traded and bought from a few members in the past with absolutley no problems but they never put me on the straight shooters list. Even emailing them and asking. So that leaves me trying to meet the other criteria. I love this site. It's hands down the best out there. But my problem is what do I post?? We talk about almost anything. I don't want to just make up stupid posts so I get my 5 in time. To me thats pointless. I do post once in a while and I will continue to post if I find something worth posting. I am a die hard but I really dont do customs so I cant really post anything in MOC. I guess what I am saying is its hard posting something. I know that sounds really stupid, but ask your self this. How many times has someone posted something and you read down below " its already been posted or next time search" I suggest you possibly look into a slightly new policy of allowing at least people to buy. I enjoy the people on this site and have never had a problem buying. I would like to continue if possible.

XD Hey this counts as a post!!!! :D
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