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Postby WillyWampa » Fri Feb 07, 2014 4:52 am

Here's an idea that may already exist in some form. How about creating a main forum for "Brickspotting". This would give a shout out to those times when LEGO items or references are seen or heard in general media such as television shows, movies, commercial advertising, song lyrics etc.

This happens quite a bit and I always smile when I catch one of these references. For example on last nights episode of The Big Bang Theory. Bernadette had lost a $200 bet with Howard who proudly proclaimed "I'm going to the LEGO store to get me a giant R2-D2" :D There was another earlier episode where we briefly see Sheldon building the Death Star II in the living room. There are numerous other instances where Lego models can be seen in the background in other TV shows or movies

This could be done in the current forums but with the variety of different themes out there it may work better with its own forum that way the topic headlines could be used to further narrow down the "sightings" either by them or by media form.
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