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Looking to trade Star Wars, Super Heros and CMF's...

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Looking to trade Star Wars, Super Heros and CMF's...

Postby PIG » Sat May 25, 2013 4:57 pm

I have a pile of Star Wars, Super Hero's and some collectible minifigs I am looking to trade.They are all mint and only handled for sorting. I guess we could use Bricklink as a price guideline. I would send any minifigs in the mail with delivery conformation. Feel free to PM message me to talk about any swaps you're interested in.

I have the following minifigs to trade:

Star Wars
General Grevious (includes 4 lightsabers)
R7-D4 (Plo Koon's Astromech Droid)
Boushh (includes Staff and thermo nuclear detonators)
Bob Fortuna (New version with Barred Teeth. Cape still in sealed packaging)
Han Solo (Skiff outfit... newest version with double sided faces)
Han Solo in Carbonite (still in sealed packaging)
Salacious Crumb (still in sealed packaging)
Jabba Hutt (Newest version (tan face) still in sealed packaging)
B'Omarr Monk Droid
EV-A4-D (General Grevious' Medical Droid)
R5-J2 (Black astromech droid with square top)
Jar Jar Binks
Luke Skywalker (Rebel Pilot outfit flesh skin)
Luke Skywalker (Rebel Pilot outfit yellow skin)
Assasin Droid Elite (Black with Sniper rifle)
Bariss Offee Jedi Knight (Dark Blue hood and cape. Cape still in original sealed packaging.)
Aunt Beru (Flesh skin. Custom figure I purchased off eBay)
Schmi Skywalker (Anakins mother with Yellow skin. Customer figure I purchased off eBay)

Super Hero's
Batman (Black Suit and Yellow Belt with Type 1 Cowl. Includes Batarang)
Spider Man (New Marvel Super Hero's version)
Iron Man (Mark 42 Armor) (Plain white head under mask)

Collectible Minifigs

Series 10

Any Series 10 minifig, your choice, sealed in package. (I have a box full of unopened packs and will gladly feel out whatever minifig you are looking for)

I would be interested in swapping for any of the following minifigs:

Star Wars
Darth Maul (shirtless)
Genesoian's (with Wings)

Super Hero's
Captain America
Iron Man (suit with Triangle on chest)

Collective minifigs:
Series 1

Series 2
Disco Dude
Pop Star

Series 3
Female Snowboarder
Hazmat Suit Guy

Series 4
Ice Skater
Hockey Player

Series 5
Fitness Instructor

Series 6
Roman Soldier

Series 7

Series 9
Forest Maiden

Prince of Persia
Alamut Merchant
Shielk Amar
Camel (from sets 7573 or 7571)
Ostrich (from ostrich race set 7570)
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