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Trade SW for Friends or gift cards!!!

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Trade SW for Friends or gift cards!!!

Postby bobalego » Thu Mar 07, 2013 7:19 am

Ok, I am having a hard time believing no one will want to trade for what I have, so I am adding/changing my post. I am a straight shooter who has traded so much since 1999, that I should be a Reliable Smuggler. (EDIT)
I really wanted to trade here but I finally broke down and posted a few sets on Ebay, my Slave I is currently at $109. So I am thinking on giving up on fbtb as all I have been able to trade in the past 5 years is collectable minifgures. I think my prices are obviously very fair. Please help me out and prove me wrong...I will keep this up for a while longer... (End of Edit)
I really want a lot of things for my daughter so if it is easier, I would love a LEGO gift card to buy what I want for her. You could pick the following items, I mail them to you and you then send me a LEGO gift card (Preferred,) Amazon gift card, Walmart gift card, Target gift card or paypal is my haves, recently reduced and updated. If you have what I want, you can trade for similar value. I would consider taking a loss to get what I want, so make me an offer.


7666 Hoth Rebel baseNEW SEALED $80 Sold
7754 Home OneNEW SEALED $75
7879 Hoth Echo Base NEW SEALED $80
6212 X-WingNEW SEALED $60 each (Have 2)Sold
6209 Slave-I NEW SEALED $100 Sale pending
8036 Separatists ShuttleNEW SEALED $30
8091 Swamp SpeederNEW SEALED $20
20006 Mini Clone Turbo TankNEW SEALED $75
20007 Mini-Republic Attack CruiserNEW SEALED $40
4805 Ninja KnightsNEW SEALED!!! $40

My prices include shipping to U.S. Overseas probably wouldn't be worth it...


If you don't have FRIENDS sets I can be selfish and take LOTR sets or NEW classic Star Wars:
Helms Deep, Uruk-hai army, The Orc Forge, any Hobbit set, Rancor Pit, Jabba's Palace, Battle of Hoth, Tie Fighter, Gold Leader's Y-Wing, Sith Fury (Not Classic but the only cool EU set.) Boba Fett Clock, Even the Advent Calendar!!! I am also looking for a lot of collectable minis, see my other post. Marvel Super heroes, I will take the figures only, see bricklink for average trade value. (The Hulk, Ironman, Thor, Black Widow.) TMNT turtle and splinter figures, no sets. Someone please help me out!!!
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Re: Trade SW for Friends or gift cards!!!

Postby bobalego » Sat Sep 07, 2013 8:31 am

Does anyone use Buy/Sell/Trade anymore? Not a real question, but I remember a time when I couldn't keep up with PM's and replies...I prefer to continue to use fbtb for all my needs but am beginning to think that bricklink is starting to be the only way to go. If you don't believe me, I feel that so few people use the CMF swap thread that I will no longer bother to even open list here is still pretty accurate. Make me an offer. I am not against being given gift certificates for what I have as I still need a lot of LEGO Friends for my daughter and other various needs on my personal list...just checking...
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Re: Trade SW for Friends or gift cards!!!

Postby ricefields » Thu Sep 19, 2013 9:26 pm

I still use it but to buy/sell sets not minifigs. I know that's part of the fun is to collect and trade to get all 16 minifigs but I don't have time for that so I just buy a complete 16 (like from ace) and be done with it. I did that from series 2 to 10.
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