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Instructions: creating custom priority boxes for longer sets

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Instructions: creating custom priority boxes for longer sets

Postby ufjason » Wed Feb 20, 2013 5:09 pm

I created instructions years back for creating custom priority boxes for Lego sets. I found it on my photobucket account today while trying to share a photo. Thought it would be a mitzvah to share again. Maybe an admin could add this to a sticky here. This should be helpful to those sending sets to other FBTB members or shipping items sold on eBay.

There are three of the larger rectangular size priority boxes this method works with. Skinnier sets obviously work better in the smaller boxes and the thicker sets for the larger. These boxes can be ordered for free from

Since I'm a green kind of guy, I figured out you can create three longer boxes from one standard box that's been cut up into three pieces. You get the typical two end "cap" pieces as appears in these instructions and then you can custom trim the leftover middle piece to size and fit it in between another another standard box that is cut in half.

I tried linking the images but they get cut off for some reason so I've included the link below to the album. Click "more" underneath the image for written instructions.
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Re: Instructions: creating custom priority boxes for longer

Postby batsamd » Sat Mar 09, 2013 11:11 am

From the photos, if looks like the set box just fits the shipping box, so you don't have any packing to protect the set box?

Have you had any complaints of set boxes being damaged during shipping if you don't include packing material?

I'm asking because I've accumulated a lot of sets I plan to sell later on, but was concerned about the shipping cost of say, the new TIE Fighter, in a box that could accommodate packing to protect the set box. If the set box doesn't get damaged in a "just fit" box, then that would definitely cut down on shipping costs and the issue of finding/constructing a shipping box.
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