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Updated trade list

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Updated trade list

Postby iamFLIP » Tue Sep 06, 2011 7:40 pm

I am looking to trade for the following sets and minifigs:
New or used / complete or incomplete

7962 Anakin Skywalker and Sebulba's podracers
7964 Republic Frigate
7965 Millennium Falcon
7778 Midi-Scale Millennium Falcon
8039 Venator
8129 AT-AT
10198 Tantive IV

sw284 Aayla Secura
sw349 Anakin Skywalker (Short Legs - 7877)
sw327 Anakin Skywalker (short legs / 7962)
sw008 Anakin Skywalker (Light Gray Helmet)
sw099 Anakin Skywalker (Grown Up) with Cape
sw121 Anakin Skywalker with Light-Up Lightsaber Complete Assembly
sw139 Anakin Skywalker with Black Right Hand (without Hair)
sw317 Anakin Skywalker (clone wars / 7957)
sw318 Asajj Ventress
sw102 AT-AT Driver
sw076 Bib Fortuna
SW275 Boba Fett - White
sw107 Boba Fett (Cloud City)
sw054 Boba Fett (Young)
sw285 Cad Bane
sw321 Captain Panaka
SW314 Captain Rex with Helmet Antenna (7869)
sw330 Clone Commander Wolffe
sw341 Commander Cody (7959)
sw323 Darth Maul (7961)
Sw218 Darth Vader - Chrome Black
sw117 Darth Vader with Light-Up Lightsaber Complete Assembly
sw332 Eeth Koth
sw306 Embo
sw124 Emperor Palpatine (Imperial Inspection)
sw320 Geonosian (7957)
sw062 Geonosian
sw078 Geonosian with Wings
sw343 Han Solo, Tan Legs with Holster Pattern, Parka Hood (7879)
sw334 Han Solo (7965)
sw014 Han Solo - Blue Legs (Falcon)
sw045 Han Solo, Brown Legs with Holster Pattern
sw111 Han Solo, dark Blue Legs (Set 4501)
sw179 Han Solo (Black Vest, Light Flesh)
sw290 Han Solo, Reddish Brown Legs with Hoster Pattern, Open Jacket - Set 8129)
sw081 Han Solo, Tan Legs, Reddish Brown Male Hair (Falcon redesign, Light Flesh)
sw141 Jawa
sw057 Jedi Knight (Dark gray tunic, brown hood)
sw165 K-3PO
sw319 Ki-Adi Mundi
sw105 Lando Calrissian (Cloud City)
sw338 Logray (Ewok)
sw342 Luke Skywalker (Bacta Tank Outfit)
sw335 Luke Skywalker (7965)
sw020 Luke Skywalker (Skiff)
sw103 Luke Skywalker (Cloud City)
sw106a Luke Skywalker (Dagobah)
sw176 Luke Skywalker (Tatooine, Light Flesh)
sw292 Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight, Pupils
sw295 Luke Skywalker (Pilot, Light Flesh) - Set 8129
SW310 Luminara Unduli
sw116 Luminara Unduli with Light-Up Lightsaber Complete Assembly
sw133 Mace Windu with Light-Up Lightsaber Complete Assembly (Trans-Light Purple Lightsaber)
Sw148 Mace Windu, Non-Light-Up
sw340 Naboo Fighter pilot - Red Jumpsuit
sw110 Greedo
sw336 Obi-Wan Kenobi (7965)
sw329 Obi-Wan Kenobi (7962)
sw023 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old)
sw023a Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old with Light Bluish Gray Hair)
sw055a Obi-Wan Kenobi (young with Dark Orange Hair, no Headset)
sw137 Obi-Wan Kenobi with Light-Up Lightsaber Complete Assembly
sw152 Obi-Wan Kenobi, Dark Orange Legs, Light Flesh Head with Headset (set 7283)
sw162 Obi-Wan Kenobi, Tan Legs, Light Flesh Head with Headset (set 7661)
sw174 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old, Light Flesh)
sw206 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old, Light Flesh with Hood and Cape)
sw140 Owen Lars
sw324 Padme Naberrie (light flesh / 7961)
sw346 Princess Leia (Hoth Outfit, French Braid Hair)
sw337 princess Leia (7965)
sw104 Princess Leia (Cloud City)
sw322 Qui-Gon Jinn (7961)
sw333 Quinlan Vos
sw344 R-3PO
sw316 Savage Opress
sw326 Sebulba (7962)
sw339 Tokkat (Ewok)
sw328 Wald (7962)
sw325 Watto (7962)
sw331 Wolfpack Clone trooper
sw345 2-1B Medical droid (7879)

x162 Sebulba
sw006 Aldar beedo
sw215 Assassin Droid
sw347 Battle Droid Security with Straight Arm
sw061 Battle Droid Geonosian
sw065 Battle Droid Pilot
sw300 Battle Droid Pilot
sw095 Battle Droid Pilot with Blue Torso and Straight Arm
sw047 Battle Droid Security
sw096 Battle Droid Security with Straight Arm and Dark Red Torso (7662)
sw256 Captain Antilles
SW272 Clone Trooper Clone Wars (Dotted Mouth Pattern)
sw128 Clone Trooper Ep.3, Yellow Markings and Pauldron
sw250 Crix Madine, Dark Tan Hips and Legs
sw012 Dack Ralter
sw012a Dack Ralter - with Dark Bluish Gray Hips
sw012b Dack Ralter (with Dark Bluish Gray Hips and Light Flesh Head)
sw348 Destroyer Droid (7877)
sw164 Destroyer Droid (7662)
sw125 Dwarf Spider Droid (Set 7258)
sw072 EV-9D9
sw043 Gasgano
sw289 General Veers
sw073 Gonk droid (GNK Power Droid)
sw073a Gonk droid (GNK Power Droid), Bluish Grays - Set 10144
sw013 Gungan Soldier
sw302 Gungan Soldier (Clone Wars)
sw016 Hoth Rebel
sw108 Hoth Rebel 2
sw167 Hoth Rebel 3
sw291 Hoth Rebel Trooper (8129)
sw114 Imperial Officer - Calvary Kepi, Light Flesh (Imperial Inspection)
sw293 Imperial Officer (Imperial Shuttle Commander)
sw294 Imperial Pilot
sw304 Imperial V-Wing Pilot (7915)
sw301 Jar Jar Binks (Clone Wars)
sw296 Mandalorian
sw144 Medical Droid
sw022 Naboo Security Officer
sw225 Pilot Droid
sw212 Protocol Droid
sw147 R1-G4
sw213 R2-DQ5
sw303 R2-Q2
sw231 R7-A7
sw313 R8-B7
sw031 Rebel Pilot A-Wing
sw032 Rebel Pilot B-Wing
sw033 Rebel Pilot Y-Wing
sw033a Rebel Pilot Y-Wing - Dark Bluish Gray Hips (Dutch Vander)
sw005 Scout Trooper
sw131 Scout Trooper Ep.3, 'Kashyyk Trooper'
sw288 Senate Commando Captain
sw101 Snowtrooper, Light Gray Hips, White Hands
sw097 Stormtrooper - Chrome Silver
sw188a Stormtrooper (Light Flesh Head, Dotted Mouth Pattern)
sw199 Stormtrooper
sw122 Stormtrooper (Printed Legs)
sw056 Super Battle Droid Metal Blue
sw077 T-16 Skyhopper Pilot
sw035a TIE Figter Pilot - Brown Reddish Head
sw035b TIE Interceptor Pilot (Black Head)
sw146 Treadwell Droid
sw312 TX-20 (Tactical droid)
sw038 Watto

poc001 Captain Jack Sparrow
poc010 Captain Jack Sparrow Cannibal
poc011 Captain Jack Sparrow with Tricorne
poc012 Captain Jack Sparrow Zombie
poc029 Captain Jack Sparrow Voodoo
poc007 Blackbeard
poc020 Mermaid
poc025 Mermaid Syrena

iaj002 Henry Jones
iaj015 Ugha Warrior
iaj016 Ugha Warrior without hair
iaj031 Mola Ram
iaj032 Willie Scott - Sacrificial outfit
iaj033 Indiana Jones - open shirt, open mouth grin

I have the following for trade:

These are new/unplayed from brand new sets I parted out for MOC.
The collectible minifigs series are in factory-sealed bags.
I may have multiples, just let me know if you need more.

sw229 Assassin Droid (Silver)
sw222 Assassin Droid Elite (Black)
sw262 AT-AT Driver (multiples available)
sw306 Aurra Sing
sw001b Battle Droid without Back Plate
sw299 Bomb Squad Trooper
sw179 Han Solo (Black Vest, Light Flesh)
sw259 Hoth Rebel Trooper
sw261 Imperial Officer
sw115 Snowtrooper, Light Bluish Gray Hips, White Hands
sw305 Sugi
sw260 Zev Senesca
hp097 Argus Filch
hp089 Arthur Weasley, Sand Green Open Jacket, Light Bluish Gray Legs
hp092 Bellatrix Lestrange, Black Dress, Long Black Hair
hp101 Dementor, Black Cloak and Hood
hp128 Ernie Prang
hp091 Fenrir Greyback
hp114 Ginny Weasley, Gryffindor Stripe and Shield Torso, Black Legs
hp090 Ginny Weasley, Light Bluish Gray Knitwear, Dark Red Legs with Pocket Pattern
hp132 Gregory Goyle
hp104 Lucius Malfoy, Light Flesh
hp088 Molly Weasley
hp129 Neville Longbottom - Fair Isle Sweater
hp130 Professor Lupin - Dark Tan Suit
hp131 Professor Sprout
hp127 Stan Shunpike in Knight Bus Conductor Uniform
hp098 Voldemort, White Head
pop001 Alamut Merchant
pop002 Asoka
pop004 Dastan
pop005 Ghazab- Hatchet Hassansin
pop010 Nizam
pop006 Setam - Claw hassansin
pop012 Zolm - Hassansin Leader
iaj045 Elsa Schneider
iaj042 Grail Guardian
iaj041 Kazim
toy004 Buzz Lightyear
toy003 Woody

Ninja (cmf1)
Robot (cmf1)
Zombie (cmf1)
Dummy (cmf1)
Cheerleader (cmf1)
Clown (cmf1)
complete set of cmf2
Spartan (cmf2)
Pop Star (cmf2)
Lifeguard (cmf2)
Witch (cmf2)
Motorcycle Cop (cmf2)
Fisherman (cmf3)
Elf (cmf3)
Samurai (cmf3)
Mummy (cmf3)
Gorilla Suit Guy (cmf3)
Gnome (cmf4)
Geisha (cmf4)
Surfer (cmf4)
Viking (cmf4)
Werewolf (cmf4)
Hazmat Guy (cmf4)
Ice Skater (cmf4)

NEW / MISB sets:
These are brand new in sealed boxes, unless noted otherwise

8087 TIE Defender
7659 Imperial Landing Craft (3x) (open-box, pieces still in sealed bags)
8484 Ultimate Build Lightning McQueen
8486 Mack’s Team Truck
4867 Hogwarts (open-box, NO minifigs)
7021 Viking Double Catapult versus the Armored Ofnir Dragon(open-box, pieces still in sealed bags)

Ships and instruction books only; NO minifigs
Sets are not built at all BUT opened the boxes to take out minifigs

8093 Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter
8095 General Grievous' Starfighter
8096 Emperor Palpatine's Shuttle
7748 Corporate Alliance Tank Droid
8036 Separatist Shuttle
8038 Battle of Endor (bunker only)
7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser (no A-wing also)
7930 Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship

Ships and instruction books only; NO minifigs
unless noted otherwise

7657 AT-ST
8037 Anakin's Y-Wing
7672 Rogue Shadow
7667 Imperial dropship
7256 Jedi Starfighter & Vulture Droid
7660 Naboo N-1 Starfighter and Vulture Droid
7668 Rebel Scout Speeder
7681 Separatist Spider Droid (complete with minifigs and box)
8092 Luke's Landspeeder
7259 ARC-170 Starfighter (minifigs included also)
7663 Sith Infiltrator (minifigs included also)
7140 X-Wing Fighter (minifigs included also)
8654 Scuderia Ferrari Truck
6746 Chief's Tepee
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