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WTT Star Wars sets for Kingdoms/Pirates

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WTT Star Wars sets for Kingdoms/Pirates

Postby skyline » Sun Jun 26, 2011 7:42 pm

Hi all, basically I have way too many Star Wars lego sets and my son is just starting to get into legos and likes kingdom and pirates. I do not need MISB and am willing to take used as long as all the pieces are there and in good condition. I am willing to go by bricklink prices. I will be honest as possible with the condition of these sets and for many of them I can provide pictures upon request.


Kings castle - 7946 - must include atleast king with horse and dragon knight with armor
Mill village raid - 7189 - must include all minifigs and animals
Prison tower rescue - 7947 - must include lion kight with armor and horse
Medieval market village - 10193 - must include animals and minifigs
Imperial flagship - 10210
Whitecap bay - 4194 - must include mermaids
Escape from the dragon prison - 7187 - must include all minifigs/horse

I really only want to deal with users who have atleast one trade and a positive review. As long as your on the straight shooter list I will ship first and not expect the other party to ship out to me until they recieve their package. Anyways here the list of what I have for trade.

For Trade

MISB - 7658 Y-wing

Used complete no minifigs(unless otherwise stated, I would be willing to bend on some of the minifigs if the right offer comes along) built by adult displayed then taken apart and put in ziplock bags.

7259 - Arc 170 Fighter
8039 - Venator(includes all minifigs except palpatine)
7675 - AT-TE(includes all minifigs except ventress)
7676 - Republic gunship - no instructions
8019 - Republic attack shuttle
7751 - Ashoka's jedi starfighter with vulture droid - (no intructions)
7671 - AT-AP(includes minigifgs)
7659 - Imperial Landing Craft (includes pilot + 1 sandtrooper)
8018 - AAT
7674 - V-19 Torrent
8096 - Emperor palpatines shuttle(includes burnt vader)
7681 - Seperatist spider droid (x3)

96-100% complete(some possibly missing pieces)
7261 - Clone turbo tank. This set is still put together and is in good shape. I believe it is 100% complete but I have no instructions, minifigs, speeder bike or turret. If interested I can take pictures or do video chat through skype

7163 - Republic gunship(2002) I recently put this set together and all pieces are there, the stickers are missing or applied and in bad shape. comes with 4 ep 2 clone troopers 1.5 blue super battle droid(one is missing the legs) Since it has not been taken apart I can send pics or do skype video chat. Includes instructions, all pages there but not best of shape.

4483 - AT-AT I have 2 of these. I know it is missing the speeder bike, but all pieces for body/head/legs are there. The missing pieces would a couple pieces from the inside where the troops sit, but as stated all pieces for what you see on the outside are there. includes instructions.

I also have an original jango fett minifigure from 2002 in great condition(no cracks little wear).
It would be hard for me to let it go but if the right offer was given I could part ways with it. Pics upon request.

Please feel free to PM me with your offers and under certain circumstances I can bend on some minifigs for the above sets.
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Re: WTT Star Wars sets for Queen Annes Revenge

Postby skyline » Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:35 pm

Completed trade with SDIronClaw, still looking to get imperial flagship if anyone is interested
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