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Many sets for sale or trade...

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Many sets for sale or trade...

Postby bobalego » Sun May 01, 2011 7:10 am

(Edit) So I changed my post a bit, if anyone wants to buy straight out any of the below sets let me know, it is my hope to buy the Death Star before it is too late... I lowered a few prices but notice that you basically will get a $100 discount if you trade with me...
I imagine someone here took advantage of the BOGO sale and has an extra sealed Death Star to trade/sell...I prefer to trade but could make up some of the difference with cash if need be but here is what I have to offer and the (lowest) values according to bricklink. I am a straight shooter, and a fbtb member since 1999!
All are mint in box/sealed. Some have ToysRUs security stickers on them but otherwise have no shelf ware.
I am willing to take a hit on this deal. For example if you give me the Death Star I would give you 1 of each 6209, 6212, 7661, 7666, 7656= $475 value according to bricklink for your $400 Death Star...Other combinations are possible naturally. I will go up to $500 in my stuff for your $400 Death Star. I figure shipping would be about the same for each of us so we could pay it ourselves...let me know if anyone has any questions...thanks for looking!
6209 Slave I $150 (x2: I have 2)

6212 X-Wing $60

7661 Jedi Starfighter with Hyper Drive Booster Ring $80

7666 Hoth Rebel Base $110

7250 Clone Scout Walker $34 (Also have a second one sealed but the box is a little crushed $20)

6205 V-Wing Fighter $20

7656 General Grievous Starfighter $50 No stickers, Mint

Non-Star Wars:

4702 HP FInal Challenge $35(There is a Price Sticker on the top right corner of box.

4723 HP Diagon Alley Shops $45 (One very small price sticker near UPC, bottom of box, otherwise looks like it just came out of the case...

VERY RARE 4808 Ninja Knights $40
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