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Many old SW sets for sale (not from me)

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Many old SW sets for sale (not from me)

Postby Daz Hoo » Tue Jan 18, 2011 7:15 am


I have received this message from an old FBTBer who wishes to sell his LEGO Star Wars collection. Since this particular fellow was a very well known FBTBer for a long time and that he's selling his sets through Bricklink (although he does gives first shot at them to members of FBTB), I thought I would share this information with everyone, even thought the guy isn't approved to post in this section.

Here is his message:

Hi FBTB'rs.

I used to frequent the FBTB forums years ago (early 2000's), but got a family, job, etc. and dropped off. Anyway, I have decided to part with my SW LEGO collection. Remembering the good times I had in the forums, I thought I would let everyone there have the first chance to buy anything they wanted or needed to complete their collections. I also don't want to spam the forums, so I thought I would drop you all an email and let you pass it along as you see fit.

All of my sets are in a BrickLink store ( that is password-protected (the password is fbtb).

I think they are all priced decently given their condition - I tried to price them based on BrickLink's averages. everything is in roughly the same condition as when it was purchased. I was the type that brought home a new set (or a few) and put them together for display. When I ran out of room, I'd pack them back up into their original boxes for safe-keeping. Eventually, they all got packed up and most haven't seen the light of day for close to 6 years. I decided it has been long enough and someone should get some enjoyment out of them.

Thanks for the time reading this. I'll leave the password on the store until the first of February so you all will have a little while to look around and get what you want.

Raleigh Buckner (I can't find my old forum credentials, but I'm pretty sure my user name was 81bronco. I have created a new account with the same name)

Also - I have on of Jon Palmer's original M-Wing sets. I'm not sure if anyone there remembers those or not, but if anyone wants it let me know - it is not on BrickLink.
Daz Hoo
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