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Why I Can't Post Topics & Replies in the B/S/T? (2/20/09)

A forum reserved for experienced members 18 or older to buy, sell, or trade LEGO with other members.

Why I Can't Post Topics & Replies in the B/S/T? (2/20/09)

Postby copyright » Tue Feb 03, 2009 10:53 am

Updated Feb.20.09


Dear FBTB Community,

Since its creation in mid-2001, the Buy/Sell/Trade section of the FBTB forums has been a wonderful place for members to engage in fee-free selling, trading and buying of LEGO sets, especially those hard to find ones. Unlike other LEGO communities, our trade section is very active, lively, well organized and maintained. It is a gem of our community, and something we care about a lot... enough to protect it.

Unfortunately, there have been some people who either lack the maturity to be good traders or come in and take advantage of us. Without going into full detail, know that these instances are often documented and can be boiled down to one of two common reasons...

  • The user has no other posts in the forum except his/her B/S/T posts, and comes into the forums just to sell sets at high prices or to scam users.
  • The user is under 18 and lacks the maturity to successfully trade with other adults.

The new B/S/T forum policy

To protect the safety and community spirit of the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum at FBTB, the FBTB staff has agreed to let the Trading Guild, a group of community members who have guided and led the forum for a long time, to enact a new policy. That policy is such:

  • To post in the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum, a user must meet one of these two criteria:
    • Have at least one month's posting history on FBTB with at least five posts, and demonstrate that he/she is over the age of 18 years old.
    • Be on the Straight Shooter's List from the Old Version of the Forums
  • Any user may read topics and respond via Private Message to any post in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum.

(Please note that for the first three months of the new forums, we will accept activity on the old forums as posting history.)

In order to enforce this policy, a usergroup has been established that extends general membership with posting privileges in the B/S/T forum. Trading Guild members have the ability to add people to this group. Everyone who meets the requirements is welcome to apply for membership into the "Tradesmen" usergroup.

How to apply to the Tradesmen usergroup

Before applying to the Tradesmen usergroup, we remind you that you must first meet one of these two criteria:
  • Have at least one month's posting history on FBTB with at least five posts, and demonstrate that you are over the age of 18 years old.
  • Be on the Straight Shooter's List from the Old Version of the Forums.

If you are eligible, then here's what you need to do to apply:

  • On the top left of the window, click on User Control Panel
  • Now click on the Usergroups tab
  • Click on the little circle to the left of the Tradesmen group description and the click Submit.
  • Then verify your request to join the Tradesmen group.
  • If you have changed your username IN ANY WAY between the old and the new forums, you also need to let the Trading Guild know by sending an e-mail to [email protected] with your old and new username.
  • If are submitting through the first criterion, a member of the Trading Guild will contact you shortly by PM, and will ask you to verify your age through one of three ways:
    • Send a PayPal Money Request to the Trading Guild's e-mail address
    • Send the Trading Guild a message from your Bricklink account that has at least one positive feedback
    • Send the Trading Guild an email with a scanned image of your photo ID
  • If you were submitting through the second criterion, or after you complete one of the three tasks, your membership will be approved in a few hours to a few days.

Complications and privacy issues

We are aware this may make things a bit more complicated, especially in the first few months of the new forums, but we feel the small time sacrifice is worth the result: a safer place with a stronger community spirit to trade, buy, and sell LEGO between friends.

We also are aware of the potential privacy issues with the age verification. Please understand that these options were selected for a reason. PayPal money requests give no information to the requested (the Trading Guild) but proves the existence of a paypal account, which requires a user to be of-age. A request does not allow anyone access to your account. The same goes when you send a message through your Bricklink account to the Trading Guild's account, as Bricklink also requires buyers and sellers to be of age, and one feedback proves that you passed age verification there. The third option, a scanned of a photo ID, is our very last resort. Once your age is verified, the information you provide will be destroyed. We do not file your details and delete everything. Any risk of Bricklink or Paypal account security, or identity theft are minimal, because the information you provide are totally insufficient for such ill intentions.

We appreciate your understanding and patience.

The FBTB Staff & members of the Trading Guild
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