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Change is Good: no more country specific deals threads

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Change is Good: no more country specific deals threads

Postby copyright » Sat Feb 14, 2009 12:58 pm


As you all are aware, with the new incarnation of FBTB we staff are trying to improve the overall quality of the boards. Our goals include encouraging lively, active discussion and also eliminating what some have interpreted as elitism. To fulfill this goal, some long-time "traditions" are being phased out, including, to the dismay of some, B/S/T catch-all threads like the Canadian deals thread or MBOLCH.

You see, some people feel that the existence of these country specific came to be because of an unfriendly atmosphere for international users when posting finds. We are all about inclusiveness here at FBTB, especially since the relaunch, so we're taking a new approach with posting finds in a way that hopefully is inclusive to members of all the countries of the world. For more info on how to post a find, see that thread (stickied in the B/S/T forum).

We would like to see the leadership of this subforum teach people how to communicate effectively so that people of all countries are equally welcome, equally served, and equally a part of this forum. That is why the canadian deals thread is out, and that is why we are using the tagged topic titles. We will regularly edit topic titles to ensure this system is maintained. It is not that we set out to kill an FBTB tradition, but we took advantage of the relaunched FBTB to realign our B/S/T forum without the structural US-centric elitism.

This thread will be locked; it is not currently up for discussion. In the future, however, we (the staff, trading guild) may evaluate the success of our experiment and determine to relax or eliminate this policy decision. Thank you for understanding.

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