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FS: Large Collection, Mixed Sets and Pieces

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FS: Large Collection, Mixed Sets and Pieces

Postby mdilthey » Wed Apr 23, 2014 6:17 pm

Hi Gang,

I built Sci-Fi themed ships for years, focused mainly on bricklinking parts I needed for ships and I bought several large star wars sets (like the old Republic gunships, a few starfighters and such). I am now selling my entire collection, about 20+ years worth of LEGO.

At one point, I sold a bunch of minifigs, but there are still about 30+ complete figs in this collection, buried throughout. Good stuff too, some star wars stuff like Mon Calamari, Geonosians, some of the cooler torsos and legs, maybe 12 complete sci-fi crew members as I remember. Probably another 30 figs on top of that that aren't particularly nice, but are still figs.

It's been a year since I've used all these legos. It's time to pass them along to someone who will use them. There's approximately 40 gallons of pieces in total. I am not interested in parting it out, so I'm letting it go for $10/gal, and it's likely worth a lot more than that. The "main" bin of newer stuff is probably worth $600-$1000 by itself based on how many sets I've owned.

Here's the craigslist ad with pics. Plan to pick this up locally (Western Mass)

I am msgh4 on Ebay, I am on the Straight Shooters list here, and I also buy and sell backpacking gear as mdilthey on the BackpackingLight forums, for testaments to my honesty.
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