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FYI - Craigslist scam ad - BE AWARE!

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FYI - Craigslist scam ad - BE AWARE!

Postby etcknight » Mon Aug 24, 2015 8:22 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm posting this so everyone is aware of a current scam going on through Craigslist.
I have posted all the photos I received from this "seller" onto Brickshelf. (when public)

Do NOT purchase from this seller if you encounter any of these photos.
I've been able to find some of the photos reproduced on the internet, but not all of them. If you find the original photos and posts, please let me know.

This person is claiming to not have Paypal or eBay, and says they can only deal using other methods like Google Wallet or PopMoney. The email they gave me was [email protected]

They claim their "kids" posted in the wrong location forum, but they actually live somewhere "far" so they can't deal in person.

Please protect yourself from this ongoing scam / fraud, and make sure other AFOLs are also aware.
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