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Who Are You?

It's like the old BCS, except the 2.0 makes it fancy. Wondering why you can't post here? Check out the rules and expectations, and it all should be made clear...

Re: Who Are You?

Postby OOM-9 » Tue Feb 10, 2009 6:17 pm

Hello again, my name is Caleb. You all remember me from the old FBTB. I enjoy LEGO and Star Wars but I mostly like trains but then again I still really like Star Wars...hmm. My username comes from the name of the battle droid commander from Star Wars episode 1, and since I really like the battle droids I decided to use that name for my username.

I really like the new site, its so shinny! :D
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Re: Who Are You?

Postby Teekay » Tue Feb 10, 2009 6:24 pm

Well, you may know me as TK-425 on the old forums. I was a little trouble there, but I'm trying to be better here. I'm now signing my posts. I still love LEGO Star Wars, though. I also love LEGO Indy. The reason I changed my name was that everyone called me Teekay, anyway. Although, you've probably noticed that I'm still holding on to TK-425 in certain places. I am in 7th grade, and I live in Tampa, Florida.

~Sam (Teekay)
I don't know why I dropped back here again lately. LEGO can no longer hold my interest, and I'm almost certainly gone forever. Bye to all who remember me.
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Re: Who Are You?

Postby JT-77 » Tue Feb 10, 2009 6:27 pm

Although I still keep the same name, I am JT-77. The origin is the same as Jetrooper's :Jettrooper : Plus, 77 is just an awesome number. I take much intrest in Halo 3 Matchmaking and Custom Games(Gamertag: donut7577). My intrest in lego and star wars has fadded, I admit. But, I still one day hope for a Jet Trooper minifigure, and to be able to buy that awesome TX-130s tank :)
Nazi Zombies 4 Ever
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Re: Who Are You?

Postby Iare Tosevite » Tue Feb 10, 2009 6:37 pm

Still Iare Tosevite since old old FBTB 1.0...

I love building sets from whatever theme I felt like buying, but I actually rarely make my own creation.
Where, where, where is correct way out?
Iare Tosevite
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Re: Who Are You?

Postby DestructiveDelirium » Tue Feb 10, 2009 6:49 pm

Name's DestructiveDelirium.. or dD for you lazy people out there ;)
I'm 18, male, from Ontario Canada, like long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners...
I mean, I really enjoy Music and Video Games.
I play guitar, bass, piano, and attempt to write music. I used to play in a band for 4 years untill a few months ago when we broke up. (Still something I'm not happy about)
I also love my videogames. Finally got into Xbox Live recently (if anyone is interesting my gamertag thing is "Delirium1138") Though I still don't have many games for it... yet. My system before was PS2, had alot of games for that, still enjoy them, but I felt it was definatly past time to move onto the new generation of gaming.
I also love visual arts like Drawing and painting. Some of you may remember me posting some images in the old Artwork thread. I'll end up putting a link to my deviantart gallery in my signature sooner or later.

Don't think there is much else to say about me.
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Re: Who Are You?

Postby GIR3691 » Tue Feb 10, 2009 7:45 pm

GIR3691, aka rjTheroux (Flickr,) aka Lumpycow Studios (YouTube,) aka Rick.

I'm still here from the old forum. :)
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Re: Who Are You?

Postby Cali » Tue Feb 10, 2009 10:54 pm

Hey! It's Cali Fett, or Karil before that. Living it up in California, yo.
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Re: Who Are You?

Postby Logan » Tue Feb 10, 2009 11:00 pm

Not only am I back from the old forum, but I'm seemingly back from the land of make-believe as well.. It's probably been almost a year since I last posted a single thing (sometime around the Elections on the old boards)..

I'm "Logan", I dropped the last made up silly name because, frankly, I hated it. This name is generic internet cover enough, sufficiently providing me a small measure of anonymity and peace of warped mind.

I'm here because... I love LEGO, I miss chatting about it with people who are passionate about it as well, and the laughs can be really great sometimes. Not into Star Wars as much these days, but definitely want to reintroduce myself to people I haven't talked to in a while. I'm still alive, and some of you may have actually cared... :cry:

A little about me... late 20's, from the New York Metropolitan area (as in within 25 minutes of NYC), been a LEGO fan for over 20 years with a good long dark age plopped in the warm gooey center, average builder by technique, takes forever to complete a project (if I ever do), tend to rework projects over and over and over (add a few dozen more "overs" in there) until I'm finally satisfied, and as a side note, I type a lot... Those who might recall would remember me taking close to 17 sentences to say something really simple. Like this post here, when all I had to say was...

Hi! Glad to be back..
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Re: Who Are You?

Postby Thunder-blade » Tue Feb 10, 2009 11:04 pm


I'm Thunder-blade (or THUNDAAAH!!!! as you guys (mainly Firespray) call me in chat ;) ), I live in the Bay Area (California), and am almost 14. I like basketball. I joined the old forums about a few months ago, due to the fact that I use Gmail. I've been lurking at FBTB for the better part of a year though!

I like to customize, and am known as the "Sharpie Master" on CABG. I got into LEGO as a kid with Duplos, and it kinda jump started from there! I also started liking Star Wars with the prequels, so you might find me a bit odd for liking the new trilogy as much as the older one.

I go by Mark, TB, Thunder, 'Blade, or Tuberculosis! :D\
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Re: Who Are You?

Postby Andi » Wed Feb 11, 2009 12:36 am

I'm Andi. I was new when the old forum was new, now I'm old... er.. ;)
At flickr you may know me as hansolo401, but here I always used my real name. (or the short of my real name, some people who do not really expect an answer dare to call me Andrea sometimes)
Right now I have 4 Lego Sets, all of them are from Star Wars. So I do not build very much. But I love Lego, looking at Lego creations from others and talking with other Lego fans.

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Re: Who Are You?

Postby ThePlasticJedi » Wed Feb 11, 2009 3:00 am

Hi, in case you don't remember me or never knew me, I am the only Paul you'll ever need to know.

Of course I am kidding, there are no Pauls you need to know. Anyways, I am a 20 year old University student out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, though my home is still in North Western Ontario. That's right, I am Canadian, big newsflash. I enjoy procrastinating and spending more time on a computer than sleeping. My name was derived from "ThePaleMan"'s name, which I enjoyed thoroughly and wanted to find a name that had a similar acronym. As such, you may refer to me as TPJ if you so wish. I am the tyrannous co-mayor of FBTB forums, whereas my goody two shoes mayoral other half is Solo.

I watched all 6 Star Wars movies in succession and only cried twice: When Jabba died and all through Attack Of The Clones.

Yours in plastic,

Chew them out and spit them up, it's the way of the nooblet.
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Re: Who Are You?

Postby mjck7 » Wed Feb 11, 2009 3:50 am

Hello all! Most of you might not know me because I'm mainly a lurker. My name is Mike, the "m" in mjck7. I use that name on almost every site I go to. Mainly because I couldn't ever think of a "cool" name to use. In fact, all the letters represent each of my four names. The 7 being my birthday (and my favorite number). While trying to think of something to register with on one of the first sites I joined, I tried many many things but they all seemed to be taken in one form or another. Then I remembered this movie, Night of the Comet. There was this guy beating everyone's scores in this arcade and he used 'DMK'. Anyway, that's when the apple hit me on the head.

I live in Northern California, in the Bay Area. I'm married to a wonderfully supportive wife who supplies my ABS addiction. I'm 36 and have three cats and a turtle. I work in communications for a Hospital and I've been there for about 8 years.

I stumbled across this site one night at work and was truly amazed to find other kindred spirits. I am awed by the creations I find time after time. There are some truly gifted and creative people out there. I don't make my own MOC's, beside one I entered in a contest here many moons ago but I hope to change that. This site has given me so much inspiration and direction that I couldn't possibly show enough gratitude.

But enough blabbering, back through the lurking glass. :geek:
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Re: Who Are You?

Postby bigospedros » Wed Feb 11, 2009 4:05 am

Hi ... I'm Pete. I'm 30 and I come from the UK. I currently live with my partner in Gosport, on the South Coast, but I'm a northerner at heart.

My username, bigospedros, stems from my Uni days where I lived in a flat with another guy called Pete. I'm 6' 4" and a bit overweight. He was 5' 9" and slim ... hence the nicknames of Big Pete and Little Pete were used. I think I got the better deal ;) Anyways ... the username is an adjustment of that.

I've always been a Lego fan and when I became aware of a combination of my fave toy and my fave films, I just had to get into buying SW Lego. It was about 4 years ago that I had the money and the space to buy all the sets. I'm nearly there, although I'm not so much into the UCS line and I don't want to pay over the odds for the really old sets. My current collection is here should anyone want to see it.

For a day job, I work at IBM as a Business Operations Analyst, which basically means I juggle large numbers in spreadsheets and reports and what not. It's an interesting and challenging job, especially as I now lead a team of 5 and I'm on the development path for management.

And that's about it ... :)
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Re: Who Are You?

Postby Olog » Wed Feb 11, 2009 5:41 am

I'm Olog!

My name is Adrian, I'm from Romania, Cluj-Napoca. 22 years old right now, graduated my university studies in industrial design, currently working for the institute of archeology as a graphic artist. I used to skateboard for 5 years and due to lack of time I kind of put it on hiatus, I'm trying to get into it again this spring. I like building sci-fi LEGO creations and sometimes other themes such as castle and steampunk, vehicles, etc.

Oh, I'm also the Lego ambassador for fbtb at the moment, who knows if this will change or not.
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Re: Who Are You?

Postby Austin » Wed Feb 11, 2009 6:31 am

Hi, I'm Austin! You may remember me from such forums as FBTB v2, and FBTB v1!

My user name is my first name, and it has been for about a forum cycle now. I used to be austinsurge, then I dropped the surge and capitalized the whole thing, and now I'm on a first name basis with everyone because they have to be on a first name basis with me! I'm 22 years old, live in scenic Salt Lake City (which is an awesome and whimsical place to live or visit) and currently work as a projects manager at a marketing/design house. I'm really into music (and own three guitars, two ukuleles, a harmonica and a baby grand piano) and enjoy comic books, movies and television, video games (especially Rock Band) and learning about pretty much everything.

I'm here because there was a period in which I was intensely in love with Lego. I still am, but I've stayed mainly because there are a lot of people I care about here. For instance, I've eaten lunch with Ryan twice since he's visited my little bubble of the country. I still play with Lego, however, and use them for more... versatile purposes. Like for making Dungeons and Dragons campaign characters. I'm a big nerd, obviously, but I don't think I have the big nerd stereotype down. I'm hopefully a little more versatile and fun!

I'm occasionally sarcastic, but it's never meant seriously and definitely never meant to hurt feelings.
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Re: Who Are You?

Postby Joedward » Wed Feb 11, 2009 6:55 am

I am Joedward

I have been a member since mid 2005, My name is a strange amalgamation of my name (Edward) and a nick name my parents gave me as a baby because I had a plaster cast on my leg and couldn't crawl propely and my movement reminded them of a baby kangeroo (Wallopy Joe).
I have been a huge Star Wars fan since I was 6, and have been a LEGO fan since the time I could crawl.
It's great to see the forums in their new form, and wonderful to have them back after a torturous week of only chat.
I love to build, don't mind what theme, but the chances of me actually finishing something I start is extremly unlikely.
I'm 18, watch too much TV, am one of the people Ryan and co. got hooked onto BSG (it's so awesome), live in England, am totally awesome.

(that's Mr. Ed to you)

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Re: Who Are You?

Postby Galagoo » Wed Feb 11, 2009 7:00 am

'Ello, here's Galagoo.

I'm a 18-year-old student from Ilmajoki, Finland. Joined the earlier forums in early May '06, but lurked a loong time before that. Still feel sometimes like a n00b, though.

I'm a long-time Star Wars and LEGO fan, even though I entered some time ago a sort of semi-dark age. I still follow quite eagerly LEGO news (especially SW).
Drawing has always been quite a pleasure for me, and therefore making custom avatars was great fun for me on the old forums. Sadly, I see that we aren't allowed to use custom avatars anymore. I sincerely hope that will change some day.

"Galagoo" is a name I made up myself some time before registering to the old forums, a modification of the word "galago" (= a bush baby). When I joined FBTB I was told that - to my surprise - Galagoo actually is some kind of software. It's a strange world..

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Re: Who Are You?

Postby slintech » Wed Feb 11, 2009 7:23 am

I'm from Southern California, long time member/lurker on, still called 'slintech'.

Love the new look of this site! Hope to participate more with MOC's and B/S/T forums.
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Re: Who Are You?

Postby Lord T » Wed Feb 11, 2009 7:38 am

I'm Lord T, that bloke who lurks and posts occasionally and makes a bit of a fool of himself. My username comes from whatever year the first minifig scale TIE Fighter set was released, and in my youthful wisdom I needed a Sith name for a figure I'd made out of the Tie Pilot. Lord Thrawn. Then I thought it was kind of... lame so instead of totally changing and becoming even more unrecognisable I dropped the 'hrawn' (perhaps interesting fact: I almost chose HDR McShazzle as my username for FBTB3.0). You can find me as Lord Thrawnie on xbox live though.

I came here back in 2002 amazed by the customs galleries we hosted here, and with no knowledge of the other online repositories of images. My love of LEGO had been initiated when I was 2, and when the Star Wars Episode I sets began to appear I became a converted fan of the movies (for the record I still like The Phantom Menace). The natural progression led me here and I stumbled upon the forums which happened to be hosted on Yakface I think? I lurked in the shadows not to post until in 2003 (correct me if I'm wrong) the community switched over to the first phpbb board (which was then hacked and then we moved to Repoort's board [big thanks to him for that] and then to our last board etc.).

What struck me was the talent of the builders, the warmth of the community and the dedication of the staff, which could have all been very stifling but instead was just the right atmosphere to incubate my 'youthful exuberance' into something akin to what you see here. Though I've since discovered other major hobbies and fallen out with some of the newer Star Wars expanded universe I still love the bricks and the classic movies that bring us all here. Hopefully this love will forge me into a better member through more participation in community builds if not just in contribution to other people's works.
Lord T
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Re: Who Are You?

Postby Iceman » Wed Feb 11, 2009 8:33 am

Hello I'm John,
I'm 17 and I've been off and on the addiction of FBTB for about 5 years now. I've recently had a relapse. I hail from the rather chilly state of NY, and love Star Wars, LEGO, sports, and my family. (also video games.. but that's lame) I am ranked as probably the third most important person on FBTB, a title which I will never give up.

It's good to be back.
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