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Lego minifigs getting angrier made the news

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Lego minifigs getting angrier made the news

Postby ufjason » Tue Jun 11, 2013 11:13 pm

eBay store, contact me if you'd like to perform trades from my inventory. I'm looking for original genosian fighers, second version a-wing fighters and tie bombers. I may be interested in other sets so let me know what you have.
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Re: Lego minifigs getting angrier made the news

Postby Solo » Wed Jun 12, 2013 2:30 am

Technically, any angry looking figures in the mix will make the overall impression grumpier compared to back when it was all smiles all the time. They're really just pointing out the obvious. "...there is no conclusive research to suggest grouchy Legos beget grouchy children" translates to the actual potentially interesting aspect wasn't even attempted, probably because it would be too much work to do all that research. "...he sounded wistful that the halcyon days of Minifigures are fading" makes me feel he's one of those guys who thinks Lego used to be way cheaper too. Minifigs are more popular than ever. Take off the nostalgia goggles and enjoy the variety.
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Re: Lego minifigs getting angrier made the news

Postby captain sambuca » Wed Jun 12, 2013 8:23 am ... rier-study

More problematic in my view is that children's attention spans are getting shorter: quicker builds, more instant gratification.

Also worrying is the way in which children are being groomed as consumers: collecting is becoming more important than building. Children are proudest of what they've bought rather than what they've built.

As time moves on, I'm worried that that is happening to this wonderful FBTB community: every setwe wished for (well, almost everything) fourteen years ago is out there now: the thing that excites people is consumerism, is completing their collection, filling their display shelves. We see the wonderful pictures of the latest $300 set and immediately the discussion is littered with people saying they'll definitely buy two, rather than comments on new parts that they've noticed or old parts being used in novel ways or whatever.

We see all these "cheap" tricks and exclusive sets and we fall for it. We need to be careful there, in my view. We need to be careful. I'm for the builders, the builders. Not just the buyers.

I think I'll sum it up like this:

"We must be cautious"
captain sambuca
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Re: Lego minifigs getting angrier made the news

Postby Ibiscribe » Mon Aug 12, 2013 9:40 am

Correct... there are more important issues we could be concerned with than something as superficial as "does this minifigure look happy enough?" Most actions figures don't smile, so it's not like LEGO is skirting some kind of line compared to other toys.

I'm sure minifigs do look more serious now than they used to, though I suspect the author's view on how much more conflict-oriented the themes are now is overstated. Maybe my frame of reference for what "older set" means differs too much from his... but I'd call Cowboys vs. Indians or Pirates vs. Sailors "conflict-oriented" themes, and they've been around at least since I started playing with plastic bricks.

Of the few non-themed sets I've bought recently, here's an obviously conflict-themed one (police vs. robbers) and everyone is smiling. If this is a consistent trend, I don't see much reason to think this is "minifigs getting meaner" so much as "LEGO staying true to the characters they're borrowing". And I assume if parents buy their kids a Star Wars LEGO set, they're okay with him being into Star Wars... and LEGO is probably the least violent incarnation of the franchise.
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