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Challenge #16: A Day in the Life

Want to talk about how the LEGO company is doing, your recent visit to LEGOland, your local LEGO club, other resources in the online LEGO community, or about LEGO software and games? Come in here and join us!

Challenge #16: A Day in the Life

Postby onions » Sat May 23, 2009 10:02 pm

Okay, I apologize for falling off the prize patrol wagon. But I'm back, and with a new challenge. Don't put away those creative writing caps just yet, this challenge will have you penning a masterpiece.

Assume the identity of a Star Wars character from either the 6 movies or the Clone Wars animated series. Write up a one diary or journal entry, one blog entry, or a series of tweets, chronicling the day in the life of the character you choose. Be funny or dramatic. Spelling counts. Grammar counts. You have 7 days to complete this challenge. This challenge will end on May 30th at 6am. Good luck!

For complete rules and regulations, visit the announcement thread
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Re: Challenge #16: A Day in the Life

Postby Iare Tosevite » Sat May 23, 2009 10:21 pm

Count Dooku's private thoughts personal digital notebook:

I have been increasing concerned about Master's planning with Jedi Anakin. He seems to want to have him as apprentice, but isn't there old Sith rule, only two, Master and apprentice? Does it mean that Master will either kill me or Anakin will do that in the end? Anyway today have been hetic. I went to, three - or is it four? - planets working them into fear of republic so they will break off. One were surprising simple. I just implied that humans find them delicious, especially with lemon. They got angry and scared and broke off. Other two were not very successful, although the emperor of woinats were happy to see me and were supportive of cause, they just weren't ready to break off yet. It have been a long day, and I need to rest up for meeting with General Grievous on staging the kidnapping. Anakin may end up dead, if that happened I would be very happy.

(This is final notebook entry.)
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Iare Tosevite
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Re: Challenge #16: A Day in the Life

Postby CoR3Bu » Sun May 24, 2009 5:12 am

Darth Vaders diary:

Okie Dokie, well we install that new reactor yesterday, up in exhaust point 327 in the Death Star.
I'm get pretty sick of living in this hunk o' metal. Caned goods with the type of raw shiped meat I really hate and
the Emperor makes me eat it cause he says I need a good diet cause I gonna spend a few days trying to get Luke Skywalker!
For pete sakes, Emperor he's my son!A few days ago I was in one of those walkers on this freezing planet called Ho, no sorry it's Hot, no,no,no, it was cold there. Lets just have a quick peek at the Emporer's data pad! Okay I got it and it says
HOTH: the refrigerator were we sent walkers in and Vader vomited in his helmet. THE END P.S. If you see this not, Vader, I'm gonna kill you!Hey thats not true, well maybe a little bit, but I declare war on the mischievous Palpitine!
I'm gonna throw him down one of those Exhaust points instead of my Light Saber Fighting Data pad, that little Idiot!


-The colonel
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Re: Challenge #16: A Day in the Life

Postby SkwerlJones » Sun May 24, 2009 8:12 am

Ric Olie's Daily Diary

"I am awake!" I walk down the stairs and find a bowl. "There it is!" My supply of Admiral Ackbar cereal was running awfully low, so I decided just to have a yellow banana. "That was tasty!" Now, how should I start this beautiful day, I asked myself? Well, I guess I should tackle this shopping list, first. "Yes, that is what I am going to do first on this spectacular Thursday!" Before I can get out, I need to find the list. "Where is that thing?!" I check under the futon, behind the fridge, and even by my Oola-La magazines. Nothing. At that very moment, standing in the middle of the kitchen, with the shopping list still missing, it hit me! "I know where it is!" It was exactly where I left it, right next to my hair-growing shampoo."I found it! Now I can pick it up, drive to the store, and eventually use it to help me remember what I need to purchase with these leftover credits!" I hopped into my airspeeder, and made my way to Theed Bay. "Look, a red stop light!" I quickly started to slow down. Teenagers in a speeder next to me said, "Hey, Mr., the loser convention was back there!" I find it so nice the youth today are so concerned with my wellbeing, even to the point of making sure I know where I am heading. "Look, I have arrived at the store!" As I walked in, some people looked at me funny. Was it my hair? I knew the shampoo wasn't working! I should have never believed that Jawa. I bet that afro he had wasn't even real. No matter, I have my next mission. Eggs, where were the eggs?! I need to locate the eggs. I get on a cart and start pushing it down the aisles. I then hop on it and start searching for the eggs. "Nope, nope, not here. Where could they be?!" Finally, an employee tells me they don't have any eggs. I am baffled. "How is this possible!? You carry no eggs?!" The employee tells me I am being too loud and must leave the store immediately. "What do you mean, leave?! You want me off this property? Or would it be more just to assume you want me away from this entire sector? You do know I have relatives here, a mother who needs my help. If I were to leave this sector, if that's the action you want me to take, she could die. I can't let that happen. She has raised me from when I was just a small infant to what you see here today. She taught me everything I know, reading, math, history, literature, writing, science, cooking, flying, theater, magic, CPR, filmography, swimming, wrestling, ballet, and steeplechasing. " Another, bigger, employee comes out and throws be out of the store. "Even though I have been thrown out of this establishment, I shall return tomorrow. I will not rest until I complete my shopping list. Nothing can stop me!" But at that very moment, a cop pulls over and arrests me for disturbing the peace. A crowd of people cheer as he handcuffs me. I know they are on my side. They know what I stand for. They believe in the same ideas I do. They want me to finish that shopping list. I just know it. "I am going to jail now, citizens. But fret not, in 6-8 weeks I will be back to complete my duty. I will be stronger, I will be smarter, and most importantly I will be-!" The cop then proceeds to hit me in the face with his nightstick, and I pass out. Silence.
They're all wasted!
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Re: Challenge #16: A Day in the Life

Postby Andi » Sun May 24, 2009 12:46 pm

Governor Tarkin's Diary
"Dear Diary,
What a day. The process of building the Death Star goes much slower than I hoped. I really wonder where the emperor found such idiots as workers. Besides one of these Death Star Trooper idiots - yes I am surrounded by idiots! - spilled my morning coffee over my uniform. It was hot!
That dark Lord - what was his name again - ah, yeah Vader. Darth Vader. He arrived at the Death Star today.
I'm not sure yet what he is supposed to do here. I don't think the emperor sent him to watch over me. I'm his favourite regional governor anyway.
That Vader brought a prisoner with him. I only saw a glimpse, but she looks beautiful, actually.
Maybe I arrange a personal interrogation tomorrow...
~Wilhuff "

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Re: Challenge #16: A Day in the Life

Postby Jay » Sun May 24, 2009 2:24 pm

R2-D2's diary:

Beep boop bee-eeoup. Beep-beep-boop-boop-beep-beeboop. Beep bayoop. Beep boop BAYOOOP. Bep beep-beep bop boop. Be-Yaoup. Beep-beep boop baroop bop. Beep boop bop beebeep bop boop. Oooohp bop bee-boop. Bap beebop bebop bob beyoop. BAYOOOOP. Boop-boop-boop-boop-boop beeyoop. Booeep boop-boop-boop. Beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep. Wheeeeeeeoup.

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Re: Challenge #16: A Day in the Life

Postby ccjwprongs » Sun May 24, 2009 4:24 pm

For eighteen years I have waited in vain. Many methods have I pursued to destroy my Master, and free myself from the shackles of his tyrannical rein. He has proved time and again that he finds himself disappointed in me. He feels that I have failed him... much of my power was lost the night Obi-Wan left me to burn on the rock. The incident on Mustafar left me broken... I admit I was careless with my swordplay - in my anger at my former Master I was not fully attuned with the Force; I neglected my feelings. This was a mistake, one that I will not make so readily when the time comes to face the Emperor once and for all.

Yes, now, where my Apprentice failed, my son will succeed. He will come to me, I am told by the very man I wish to destroy, on the forest moon of Endor. I will bring him to the Emperor and together we shall defeat him. It is our destiny... as father and son, we will rule the galaxy. The old man is weak. His plan to defeat the rebels will be carried out successfully with my aid. My son, with nowhere left to turn, will surely accept union with his only remaining companion – his father.

The Skywalker legacy will live on. I remain the Chosen One and soon the prophecy will be fulfilled. I will bring balance to the Force – the Jedi are defeated, and with this last act the Sith will be extinct once again. I and my offspring will choose neither side. To remain neutral is to remain balanced. With no sides to choose, there will be no war. The galaxy will be at peace at last. My plan will soon come to fruition... I have taken steps; preparations. The end is coming, and fast.

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Re: Challenge #16: A Day in the Life

Postby yankeeken » Mon May 25, 2009 2:58 am

The following is a page from the personal diary of an anonymous sandtrooper, who was stationed on Tatooine and appeared in Star Wars: A New Hope.

Tatooine, what a despicable place. The weather is just miserable. It is dry, hot and humid all day long. Oh well, I guess it is better than that Mustafar place I keep hearing so much about. Supposedly, Lord Vader fell into some molten, hot lava on Mustafar, which caused him to have to wear that big, ugly, black suit of his. Of course, that is a story for another trilogy.

Anyway, today is day sixty-three of our search for the missing Rebel droids and I feel that it is about time they call off the search. As Tatooine is a dangerous place and too many comrades have died. Most of which are comrades that got carless in their pursuit to win the prize. In fact just last week, one of my friends got thrown off his Dewback and died. Oh and did I mention that Lord Vader has offered a reward to whoever finds the droids? He has offered a 10,000 credit bonus to whoever finds them and let's face it in this economy we could all use the extra credits.

Anyway, back to today. This afternoon a small three-engine speeder pulled up to my checkpoint. In the speeder was a youth, an old man, and two droids. I was almost positive that they were the droids we were looking for (as they looked identical to the droids in the wanted poster that Lord Vader made) until the old man waved his hand and said, "These aren't the droids you are looking for." And as the goodhearted, trusting person I am, I believed him and waved them through the checkpoint. Looking back on it, I can't help but wonder if maybe, just maybe those really were the droids we were looking for...
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Re: Challenge #16: A Day in the Life

Postby Rook » Mon May 25, 2009 8:47 am

A day in life of Bob, an exogorth.

Gahoom, hazoom.
(This moring, ate ship.)

Tahoom, hahaam.
(This afternoon, ate rock.)

Nahoom, $%^&#&%&@$%, <%$#*@*!
(This evening, (swear words edited out) some stupid ship landed in my mouth and the starting shooting inside my throat. I almost got them.)
Yea, though I walk through the valley...
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Re: Challenge #16: A Day in the Life

Postby Flynn » Mon May 25, 2009 8:48 am

The following entry was found in the ruins of a sail barge in the Dune Sea. A Gammorean is presumed to be the author.

My, I'm enjoying myself here. I didn't want to go at first, executions really aren't my thing, but now I'm really glad I came. The music's nice, there's a cute li'l droid serving some drinks, and there's a nice fight scene out of my window. I heard some sort of stuggle a few minutes ago, and what sound like a giant slug choking on something, but I'm sure it was nothing. Oh, look! THat skiff seems to be going awa-
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Re: Challenge #16: A Day in the Life

Postby bigospedros » Mon May 25, 2009 4:14 pm

stormie1138 I only got second prize on Empire's Funniest Home Videos for hitting my head on a door! gorram!
about 2 hours ago via TweetComLink
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Re: Challenge #16: A Day in the Life

Postby hatcher » Mon May 25, 2009 4:45 pm

Malakili's private journal, last known entry:

Today was the WORST day of my life.

Things were finally going my way. After years of bitter rejections, I finally found a place where I was not only accepted for who I was, but I was a respected and valuable member of the team, and things were really starting to look up.

So what happened? I'll tell you what happened! Some guy in black showed up today, and tried to take a shot at the boss. Luckily, he missed, but the boss hit "the button", the trap door opened, and the guy in black fell into the pit with Chomper. Chomper, of course tried to eat the guy, since Jabba hasn't dropped anyone in there in a while (that dancing girl doesn't count, no meat on their bones). I expected that things would go like they usually do. The guy would scream, run around like a little girl before Chomper ate him. How wrong I was.


I don't know how he did it, but this guy, Luke Skykicker or something, managed to drop the blast door on poor Chompers head!

Why? Why in the name all that is decent, Why? Oh the humanity! My poor Chomper, he never did anything to him. He never even got the chance! Oh sure, Chomper wasn't perfect, he's tried to eat me more than once, and just last week he ate my assistant, but he didn't deserve this.

But I'll get my revenge. Tomorrow this Skyfaller or whatever is going to be thrown into the Sarlacc, and I'm going to make sure I have front row seats. Well, as close to the front as you can get on Jabba's sail barge. Skyrunner, or whatever his name is, is going to regret killing my poor Chomper.
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Re: Challenge #16: A Day in the Life

Postby Legomancer » Mon May 25, 2009 4:51 pm

-:-Data log: 11.38

Haven't updated this log in a while. Lots to tell, though:

Anxiety, fueled by the shaky confidence to succeed, has hit all us Rebels very hard, here on Yavin 4. Dinner was rough several Truenights ago, as was the last several meals, after hearing of how Princess Leia was captured and taken to the menacing Death Star. What's worse, its demonstration of power annihilated Alderaan! We are all still grieving for the loss of such a peaceful planet.... this is not the only blow against the Rebellion, though. The Senate, which we had some ties in, has been dissolved by the Emperor, and it will take a long time for us to recover this cutoff from our allied worlds.

Wedge, Porkins and I are still bunking in the same room, and a couple nights ago we immortalized ourselves on the room's wall. We wrote: "The Empire or Us—there is no compromise." We moved the lockers in front of it to keep the elements and any curious creatures away from it, and maybe the message will serve other Rebels, or someone else to do their best against seemingly impossible odds.

Here's the good news: the plans for the Death Star—which thankfully has weaknesses to exploit—finally came, in a modest R2 unit out of a Corellian freighter with more passengers than we anticipated! Leia has been saved by some smuggler named Han and his Wookiee copilot, and would you believe my old pal Luke Skywalker was with them? Small galaxy!

Still, a homing droid was reportedly found in the freighter, so we're sure that the Death Star's coming.... but we're ready! With Luke (the best pilot I've ever known in the Outer Rim), Wedge, Porkins and the rest of our team, victory's assured! Like General Dodonna said, those turbolasers can't catch us in our X-Wings and Y-Wings, it almost seems too good to be true! What's more, when all this is over, my family and every ally of the Alliance will be so proud of us.

~Biggs Darklighter

End log-:-
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Re: Challenge #16: A Day in the Life

Postby thepatient » Wed May 27, 2009 9:37 pm

Journal entry of Jabba the Hutt
Tuesday, May 29, 4 A.B.Y.

Dear Journal,

It’s been a crazy couple of days. So, I need to catch up with some entries.

Yesterday started out as a typical day. I was working on sending out a couple crates of death sticks to Coruscant, and shipping some illegal aliens to Toydaria that I’m farming out for cheap labor. I was just finishing up when Rotta called from his college dorm room… collect… again. I’m still upset that he changed his major from black market economics to interpretive dance when he only had two trimesters left to graduate. That kid has too much rhythm to settle for that kind of “art”. He sent me a hologram of his last project, and to be honest I don’t get it. Ever since he went on spring break on Nal Hutta and wound up being filmed on Hutts Gone Wild, he has lost his focus on taking over the family business. I would like to retire some day. After going over the same old tired argument with him, the reason of his call became clear, he was asking for money. I wish that I could blame his mother like everyone else can, but thanks to this asexual reproduction that we Hutts have, I can’t do that. Sometimes I wonder if I just let Ziro and his partners kill Rotta way back when, I could have spawned again from scratch. But since he survived the kidnapping, and I’m compelled to spoil him, I sent him the cash. He’s full of Bantha fodder, but he’s my kid. Still I can’t help but think I screwed myself with this offspring.

Later, I was going to have Bib pick up some Ho-Hos and a small bag of Kowakian litter (though I think Salacious still pees on the back corner of my throne). Bib was going to Mos Espa for his monthly pedicure anyway; so why not get something for me too? It saves me a trip.

Then we were interrupted by a knock at the front door. At first I thought some Jedi Witnesses were coming by to hand out the latest All Along the Watch Tower publication. Luckily it wasn’t, I didn’t have the energy to have that debate again. Instead, it was a protocol droid and astromech droid that were sent to us by some Jedi. This was a nice surprise, since I needed a new interpreter. So I had them sent to EV-9D9 to have them fitted with restraint bolts and to find work for the astromech. Soon there was another knock at the front door.

A bounty hunter named Boushh stopped by to collect a bounty on my old smuggler Chewie. After some aggressive negotiations with a thermal detonator, we settled on a price and I decided to let this new comer stay for some entertainment, since this character was my kind of scum. We enjoyed smoking the Hookah pipe and conversing on how he captured Chewbacca. Those Wookies are suckers for those bananas from Kashyyyk, but how they eat them raw…I’ll never know. We talked and laughed until the Naal burner went dry on the pipe. There was something about this guy, but I couldn’t quite put my stubby little finger on it. The night was still young.

After we passed out, Boushh apparently had some other ideas. He went and let Han out of his carbonite tomb. Now that my favorite decoration was ruined, I would have to fill that space again. I never did like the placement of that wall and it could use a bit more of a splash of color… maybe a touch of marigold to brighten the place up a bit.

Well, there was an even bigger surprise; this dude was a chick. It’s true I have a weakness for the bipedal ladies, but this babe is really smokin’ hot. Showing up here and trying to pull off such a difficult plan, I knew this girl had balls. The fact that this is Han’s girlfriend only makes things that much sweeter. She will make a nice replacement for Oola, who I ended up feeding to my Rancor, Mr. Binky, for acting like an ungrateful cow. I might be able to get this new girl, Leia, to come around to seeing my way of things.

This morning I had her dress up in one of the finest godzilla outfits from the girls’ collections. She is a bit skinny for my usual tastes, but she really has potential. I’ll have Yarna da’l Gargan fatten her up a bit. Just thinking about this little tart makes me sweat out tons of mucus. When I get like this- I just want to have her ride down my oily belly like a slide. Though since I had that Gastro By-pass surgery, I’ve lost a whole three-quarters of an inch in my mid section this month, so I’ll have to see how that works out.

The protocol droid and I were having a chat about replacing Sy Snootles as Max’s lead singer (her voice and singing style are starting to get on my last nerve), when that Jedi I mentioned earlier showed up and demanded Han, Chewie, the droids and my new lady. This guy had a lot of nerve. Not only that, he cost me a guard and used his force powers to kill Mr. Binky. I hope I that Rancor mill is still in business, though I don’t know if I can replace Mr. Binky so soon. So things really ended on a down note today.

I did manage to have that Jedi imprisoned. I need to kill these guys with something special. Oooo, I know, I’ll take the Sail barge out for a spin, drop these jerks off at the Great Pit of Carkoon, feed them to the Sarlaac there, and take my new girl (along with the rest of the gang) out for a picnic afterwards.

I’m ready to eat my ninth meal- I’m starving.

Note to self: Remember to bring extra strong chain for my new piece of crumpet. I don’t want her to get out of line tomorrow.
<O> <O>
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Re: Challenge #16: A Day in the Life

Postby SuperDave » Thu May 28, 2009 12:02 pm


Wormie / Luke Skywalker Skyhopper pilot and farmhand at Lars Moisture Farm.
14 followers . from Tatooine . updated 01.48 3:8

Coming up on Alderaan. I wonder what it looks like from space…3 minutes ago from HoloNetWeb

With all that’s happened today, I doubt I’ll be able to sleep much, though. Wormie out.
about 5 hours ago from HoloNetWeb

Going to my bunk to try to shift over to Alderaan time. Don’t want to meet the princess with bags under my eyes.
about 5 hours ago from HoloNetWeb

More training, more learning about the Force. The universe seems so much bigger now.
about 6 hours ago from HoloNetWeb

Deflected a remote bolt with my lightsaber wearing a blast shield! I really felt like the Force was flowing through me. Incredible!
about 7 hours ago from HoloNetWeb

Ben says something terrible happened- “a disturbance in the Force.”
about 7 hours ago from HoloNetWeb

Training with lightsaber now. Remote bolts STING.
about 7 hours ago from HoloNetWeb

Ben’s telling me more about the Force. It sounds like magic, but I saw what he did to those troopers.
about 8 hours ago from HoloNetWeb

Best flight of my life! Only wish *I* was the one dodging star destroyers!
about 8 hours ago from HoloNetWeb

@biggsdarklighter: When the odds are against you, pull back on the stick and aim for the stars. So long, Tatooine!
about 8 hours ago from HoloNetWeb in reply to biggsdarklighter

This Falcon is a piece of junk!
about 8 hours ago from tweetooine

Hard to get a good price in a hurry. Barely cleared 2000 credits for the speeder.
about 8 hours ago from tweetooine

Got transport, but for 17000. Have to sell my X-34. What a scam.
about 9 hours ago from tweetooine

Just want to get off this rock.
about 9 hours ago from HoloDeck

RT @tatooine_kenobi: “The Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded.” Good to know.
about 9 hours ago from tweetooine

Almost busted by Imp troopers- don’t know how we got past them!
about 9 hours ago from tweetooine

RT @tatooine_kenobi: “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.”
about 9 hours ago from tweetooine

Going to Mos Eisley to find transport.
about 10 hours ago from tweetooine

Nothing left for me here- going to Alderaan with Ben. Maybe learn about force & become Jedi. #jedi
about 10 hours ago from tweetooine

They’re gone… *stunned* Rest in peace, Uncle Owen, @beruwhitesun
about 12 hours ago from HoloNetWeb in reply to beruwhitesun

Stormtroopers? Home!
about 13 hours ago from tweetooine

Crawler hit by sandpeople. Tough luck for Jawas.
about 13 hours ago from tweetooine

Sandcrawler stalled ahead. @Fixer_laze: Some smoke- maybe in trouble? #jawas
about 13 hours ago from tweetooine in reply to Fixer_laze

Ben going to Alderaan to rescue girl in hologram. Will drive him to Anchorhead. Says I must learn “ways of the Force.”
about 15 hours ago from Huttnet

Vader murdered my father and turned to dark side of “force.” Not sure what it means, but it sounds bad.
about 15 hours ago from Huttnet

Lightsabers, Jedi knights, Darth Vader… a whole new world! #jedi
about 15 hours ago from Huttnet

And knew my father! Who was also a Jedi knight!
about 15 hours ago from Huttnet

Discovery of the day: Ben was Jedi knight! #jedi
about 15 hours ago from Huttnet

New droid 3PO has broken arm. Will repair at Ben’s.
about 16 hours ago from tweetooine

Jumped by sandpeople. Found Ben Kenobi. Weird…
about 16 hours ago from tweetooine

Two banthas- don’t see alkrjoaj nvm,
about 17 hours ago from tweetooine

Sandpeople on scanners! Going to check it out.
about 17 hours ago from tweetooine

found R2 in Jundland Wastes. Little guy really moves!
about 17 hours ago from tweetooine

Droid on scanners. R2-D2? hope so
about 17 hours ago from tweetooine

No sign of R2. I’ll be grounded for a year for sure!
about 18 hours ago from tweetooine

Still need new power converters for Skyhopper. Last race with Deak banged her up worse than I thought
about 19 hours ago from tweetooine

@biggsdarklighter: Thinking about transmitting app to Academy this year. With new droids, Lars farm can run itself.
about 20 hours ago from tweetooine in reply to biggsdarklighter

Oh yeah- new R2 unit gone! Gotta find him before U. Owen finds out
about 20 hours ago from HoloNetWeb

Woke up late. U. Owen will be ticked- I was supposed to check the condensers this morning.
about 20 hours ago from HoloNetWeb

{Note: My entry for challenge 16 is Luke Skywalker's Twitter feed the day he leaves Tatooine. All typographical errors are intended (it can be hard to type in a landspeeder). Enjoy! Will also be posted on twitter @dclr42.}
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Re: Challenge #16: A Day in the Life

Postby FizzyPoppers » Thu May 28, 2009 2:45 pm

(The following databank entry was stolen from a tatooine bar-tender, these are his writings )

Creepy things happen when you work at a Cantina. Why just the other day a smuggler and his over-sized hairy friend killled a rodian bounty hunter right on one of my tables. I mean I get paid minimum wage to throw dead guys out of my bar?!? Not what I call a good job. Well, at least I got all the money he had in his pocket. But when all seemed to be back to normal, some old guy with a beard and an annoying accent rushed in with a magical sword and cut off a customer's arm. I mean come on! Now I've gotta be dealing with a screaming alien running around my Cantina looking for his bloody arm and a dead guy in the dumpster. The old wrinkly guy ran out before I could get the local authorities, and we were able to get the Aqualish Alien's arm back on his body by using staples and scotch tape. It ends up that it's impossible to get that aliens blood stain off of my floor, so I covered it up with a nice rug. I liked the rug, that is until an imperial stormtrooper threw up all over the soft fabric. Things just don't seem to go my way...
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Re: Challenge #16: A Day in the Life

Postby Veers » Fri May 29, 2009 9:44 am

A day in the life of Scout Trooper RG-637, one of the Scouts stationed on Endor.
3 followers; Location Classified. Uploaded from system other than home computer.

Bikerdude/ Scout RG-637
Well... Now we've lost the battle, the shield generator went kablooie and the Death Star's gone. At least I have twitter...
about an hour ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

Oh snap, rebels! And I'm all alone... Time to make use of my shiny white armor and surrender.
about three hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

@KU-213 That was you? When I find you, you are so dead!
about three hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

Now I'm all alone. This has got to be punishment for stealing KU-213's pancakes this morning.
about three hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

Holy Frak, my bike just got stolen by one of those fluffy things I ran over earlier!
about three hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

And so I'm back to soulless bunker of unhappiness and boredom.
about three hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

Hey, it's one of those teddy things! I'm gonna run it over.
about four hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

I wonder what it'd be like to just floor my bike into one of those big trees... Probably hurt.
about five hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

Finally, my turn to patrol again. See ya!
about five hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

I can't beat TG-985 at rock paper scissors. It's like he's a mind reader...
about five hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

Guard duty is so boring. Nothing ever happens.
about six hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

I've always wanted to be a pilot. Curse my lack of depth perception. Wait, how am I a biker scout again?
about seven hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

We've completed sixty games of 'I Spy' now.
about eight hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

I hate my job. But I do get a cool speeder bike... Maybe it's not all bad.
about nine hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

I miss my old job sometimes. Being a Stormtrooper might have had a lower survival rate, but I didn't have to wait around like this.
about ten hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

I finally finished one of those pokemon games. It took forever, but I keep getting guard duty. I have too much free time.
about ten hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

@VR-542 Whoa-oh! Livin' on a prayer!
about twelve hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

She says we gotta hold on, ready or not, you live for the fight when that's all that you've got! Whoa, we're halfway there
about twelve hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

And so, my brief moment of insane speed and running over of plants is done. sigh.
about twelve hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

Yes! I get to go out on patrol first!
about thirteen hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

Arrived on planet. Too many trees.
about fourteen hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

Boarding shuttle to land on planet. *The following section of this post has been censored as the information is classified. To continue reading, backtrack to central command channel and enter authorization code* Wonder why we'd need all that stuff...
about fourteen hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

This armor chafes. I'm glad I don't have full plate like I used to.
about fifteen hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

Whenever they tell us to get our weapons, I can never get the sniper.
about sixteen hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

I hate these briefings. They're all so soulless. We should have powerpoint.
about seventeen hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

@KU-213 lucky. Someone stole mine.
about eighteen hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

I got some extra pancakes. Awesome.
about eighteen hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel

So the fleet's finally there. Now I'm off to get breakfast. I heard they had pancakes today!
about nineteen hours ago, Imperial Comm System Beta Channel
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Re: Challenge #16: A Day in the Life

Postby donneyboy » Fri May 29, 2009 8:24 pm

A day in the life of a clone trooper-

Dear diary, It has been a couple of weeks since I have been on this Venator, awaiting my call into battle. I have the same things every day for breakfast. one pancake, and milk, and quite frankly I am sick of it. One of my buddies have been captured by the C.I.S., and I am presuming that he is dead. He left 3 days ago, and the rest of his unit came back a day ago.

Well I have been called to the battle of Crystophis, and it is a hell hole, I can't take the sound of the heavy cannons! well, I see a bunch of droids coming towards us, move the line back yells Rex, and General Skywalker and his youngling are going to try to take out their shield, and frankly I don't think it will work. I hope it gets taken out soon.

I have been captured by the droids and am being held in some building, along with Happy, and Sunny. oh no, they took Happy, and I heard faint screaming, then a blaster shot, I gotta get out of here. The east and left hallways are blocked by droids, the only way is to contact Skywalker, or Kenobi, to ambush this prison.

Kenobi and 10 troops ambushed this prison, and I have gotton out. hooray!

Well now I am laying in my death bed, so this will be my last entry. My stomach feels like it has 200 million bombs going off. ah it hurts to move, I did my share for the republic and the chancellor.
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Re: Challenge #16: A Day in the Life

Postby Cali » Fri May 29, 2009 8:48 pm

Fett, Boba
Data Log 8311#
Date: 13:37 2/28

Got Solo finally. Idiot tryed the old "let's pretend we're trash" trick.
What a newb. And his ship, geez, ugly piece of junk. Needs some paint.
Greens a nice color. Blues ok. Dad liked blue. I miss dad. He was the only person
to ever, ever love me. I know he did. I think it was love. Was it? Gosh, maybe he
didn't love me. NO! I won't stop believing it. He did, he did, he did...

Man, Vader sucks. I mean, no disintegrations? C'mon, hes the one that cuts people
in half with his silly laser sword. Oh well, I have more of them then he does.
In different colors too. Like green. And blue. Dad liked that color. I miss him.
He loved me, you know. I hope. Anyways, stupid Vader froze Solo in carbonite. I swear,
if the kriffing barve is dead when I get to Jabba, I'm gonna smash that stupid black
helmeted buffoon's TIE X1's headlights in. And graffiti it a bunch. Haha, hes such a loser.

Oh yeah, Bespin was amazing. The clouds are so beautiful. Like the one chick... Leia,
yeah that's it. Man, I wouldn't mine taking her in for a bounty. Oh yeah. Well, I'm
gonna go draw mustaches on Solo and make fun of him. Haha, what's he gonna do? That
loser stuck in his cute little carbonite block. Hehe...

-=End of log
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Re: Challenge #16: A Day in the Life

Postby Mr.legoman123 » Sun May 31, 2009 1:01 pm


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