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LEGO 2018 better than 2017?

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LEGO 2018 better than 2017?

Postby foximus-prime » Fri Dec 08, 2017 12:28 pm

The biggest question on my mind is will 2018 be a better year for Lego than 2017? Personally I think after spring and some summer sets that have already been designed and packed waiting to release could still be questionable as they where still made under the last "head honchos" direction. But now we'll have a new guy in charge of Lego for 2018 I'm feeling this may be a better turn for TLC.

Lets face it! in 2017 there were some under whelming sets and series. From big box office hits like Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor Ragnarok only getting 2 sets each which in the past would have easily been 3-5 per movie. And with Star Wars we keep getting to many rebuilt sets. Like 6 X-wings, 5 A-wings, 3 B-wings, countless amounts of Tie Fighters and or variants of Tie Fighters and even 4 versions of the Millennium Falcon for pete's sake!

Please Lego! for the love of your new and long time fans please stop rebuilding old sets and make more new never seen before sets and vehicle if you're going to make more movie sets... especially when it comes to Star Wars!

lol, So all negativity out the door now. Here's why a feel 2018 may be a better turn if not the best turn of direction that Lego will be making for 2018. With the new batman movie set jokers mansion we get the new long asked for ROLLER COASTER PARTS!!!!! WHOOOT! If not more encouraging we get these same part in a Black Panther set, City: Mining sets and a few more to come make me finally have hope that there may just be a full Roller Coster set to come in the new year or two. Secondly with the new city sets we get some newer/ better versions of old parts re-imagined from smaller parts like gold nuggets in the Miner sets instead of the old crystals and a bunch of new designed bumpers for vehicles. Third and lastly I'm really liking the turn that Nex Nights is taking as the new sets are looking a ton better than the past two series of this theme have looked.

Lets us know how you all feel. Are you as excited for 2018 as I am? or maybe a little more worried about what's to come?
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Re: LEGO 2018 better than 2017?

Postby banthafodder » Fri Dec 08, 2017 2:50 pm

There are some things in the new city sets that I am looking forward to. Mainly the animals including the mountain lion and black bear. There are also some parts such as the log disguise and beehive which look promising. Put all together it could make for some great North American landscapes.
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Re: LEGO 2018 better than 2017?

Postby PurpleDave » Sat Dec 09, 2017 9:00 am

Regarding Star Wars, they've pretty much done every recognizable small craft over the years. That leaves them with pretty much two options: either remake old sets, or stop. I don't mean stop doing remakes, I mean stop period. Even Hoth has been pretty much completely mined for ideas, short of doing an endless expanse of snow, or doing a sleeping bag taun-taun, so there's a limit to how many more playsets they could even produce before they're out. The new Falcon is technically a rehash, but I don't see anyone complaining that it's not an improvement...design-wise, at least (price is a different matter).

Batman has cars, motorcycles, planes, helicopters, boats, tanks, and spaceships. Should they restrict him to new vehicle types like semis, segways, skateboards, NASA rocket crawlers, and zepillins?

Face it, kids want vehicles. Playsets can be great for display, and, done right, they can be fun to play with. But you can't whoosh a cave, a corridor, a gantry, or a trench. So regarding rehashes, they pretty much have two options again: do it, or keep certain sets in production for years to avoid doing it. There was an X-Wing from 2006 that lasted around five years, but for most of that time I think only TRU and LBR carried it. For people who just wanted _an_ X-Wing, it fit the bill and they were happy buying it. For people who wanted _every_ X-Wing (or every minifig, or every set), it was something they bought a few years ago and they weren't likely to keep buying more copies just because there wasn't a new one.

For the designers, looking at set runs like the X-Wing, budget-sized Millennium Falcon (basically anything in the $100-200 range), and Slave I, you can see that visually the early builds tend to be somewhat clunky, but after the second or third iteration the look stays fairly consistent even if the build itself improves. If the same designer comes up with the next version, it stands to reason that they're not going to come up with a completely new design from the ground up. Once they figured out how to accomplish a particularly tricky bit of geometry, they're going to remember that and do it again the next time. Instead, they'll mostly focus on improving design flaws, and incorporating new elements that may work better than what was available the last time. Even if a new designer gets the job, it's not like they'll be completely unaware of what the last designer made. They'll have seen the model, built it, suggested changes to it, and seen where it has problems. Maybe they'll come up with a revolutionary design (which will then become the core design for future versions), but more likely they'll just modify the previous design like it was their own.
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