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Lego Knockoffs

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Lego Knockoffs

Postby Marty » Thu Sep 29, 2016 3:44 pm

Hi, it's been a while, since I last posted anything on this forum, but I thought this was interesting enough and worth a mention.

Subject is, Lego Knockoffs or more precisely one brand from China in particular (won't mention name), this company has recently been ripping off heaps of exclusive sets & well as current sets for less than a quarter of the price current shops are offering them at. They've been getting around some of the issues like Trade Marks by mis-spelling the words but the packages are almost the same.
I recently read that Lego has taken them to court to get them to stop, but because it's in China, it will take up to a year before anything will happen, if it happens?

Normally I would say, they're cheap, parts missing, looks nothing like it, and this will put people off. But they're not, they're almost as good. An if they get better, Lego has real trouble on it's hands, if not already.
The only losers apart from Lego I see at the moment are the Ebayers who have for years had a monopoly on the price of these original rare sets, as they command big dollars and have been getting it!

As for the sets, I've seen one up close, it was spooky, it was the UCS falcon, I know how good the original was because I had that, and at first I thought the guy was pulling my leg, that was until I seen the box & the set.

Know this is the last thing Lego want's to hear but they need to start offering those exclusive sets again, as it's the only way they're going to put a dent in this. Put them out at the original prices they where sold at, at time of release, limit the number and stress that quality is what your paying for, and you might just beat them at they're own game.

What are your thoughts

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Re: Lego Knockoffs

Postby Gingerbeard Man » Fri Sep 30, 2016 3:34 am

I'm surprised that Disney haven't come down on them yet (at least not in public). The various mis-spellings of "Star Wars" are so trivial I cannot believe anyody could get away with that. Especially considering the overall styling of the logo is identical, including the image of Kylo Ren which I believe is part of a "corporate design" specified by Disney for all SW licensees.

And what about all the other trademarked names? There's a reason the Lego box art says e.g. Kylo Ren™ or General Hux™. One of the fakes just drops the TM (another doesn't bother naming the minifigs at all).
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