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Fazoom/Admiral Giddens on Beyond the Brick Ep. 109

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Fazoom/Admiral Giddens on Beyond the Brick Ep. 109

Postby Draykov » Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:40 pm

This was actually from a month ago or so, but it was news to me, so I figured I'd post this anyway.

Chris Giddens aka Fazoom is not someone I think I've ever communicated with directly, but he's "AFOL famous" and has been a personal inspiration to me and many other Spacers since back in the more active days of the Classic Space site. He stormed onto the scene in the early-mid aughts with his PCS theme.

There was some mention in AFOL circles a while back that Chris had hit a rough patch of the cancerous variety. Not being a big Facebook user, I hadn't heard any updates since, but I'm happy to report that it sounds like he's doing much better. In the interview below, Chris chats with Josh and Mathew of Beyond the Brick and fills them in on how he's doing...he even name-drops our own Chief around the 8:20 mark.

Glad to hear the Admiral is back in action. :)

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