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MOC Madness 2011 Tournament Round of 32 Underway

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Re: MOC Madness 2011 Tournament Round of 32 Underway

Postby Solo » Mon Nov 14, 2011 10:16 am

captain sambuca wrote:t's like judging which tennis players in the tournament are the tallest

That's just flat out incorrect, there's no unit of measure for how much people like one entry vs another until they're pitted against each other in a one on one poll. Also, assuming that you can look at every pairing and spot the winner is awfully presumptuous given the vote spread in every poll so far. There's nothing finite about opinions.

Now this:
i still think a better system would be to have the community vote on just one aspect of the build at each stage. in this case, it could mean voting on the best bounty hunter. the best ship. the best prisoner hold.
Is a fun idea. It doesn't really fit this contest, but I can see us working something like that into another one. I'm pretty sure a similar scheme was brought up in the podrace contest planning at one point - voting each separate lap based on speed, maneuverability, then durability.

As for one round of voting then another build challenge for those who made the first cut... that I have mixed feelings on. It could be very interesting, but it feels very exclusionary. Could be worth discussing further at least.
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Re: MOC Madness 2011 Tournament Round of 32 Underway

Postby Rook » Mon Nov 14, 2011 10:39 am

To support Solo's point yeah there's a 50/50 chance in each one so you can make an educated guess. Something that many of us like to do. Something that I did in this round and I was wrong on about 5 or 6 out 16 polls. That's pretty close as good as just flipping a coin. A ship might look better, but it might not meet the requirements of the contest. I think we had one that lost because of that and we had one that won in spite of not being as "Star Warish" as his competitor. I like your idea of having it be a multi-level voting system but any contest you make will have pros and cons. One thing that this system of voting adds that is lost in traditional voting format is the tension from level to level as competitors get eliminated. It's what makes TV game shows like Survivor and Big Brother so interesting to watch. Other sites have done the build, vote, build, vote, thing and usually you just have people winning because not everyone can build all the time. For example I'll I had 2 weeks out the 8ish weeks given for this contest that I was able to work on this project. You'd literally need to have a contest that you're asking for, run for 6-12 months with each level being 2 months long. I don't think that you'd have the involvement or interest that this contest has with a simple build, vote, vote, vote format. :D ;)
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Re: MOC Madness 2011 Tournament Round of 32 Underway

Postby captain sambuca » Tue Nov 15, 2011 8:05 am

zhouston wrote:My overall thought is that this is supposed to be a fun and simple tournament where we all design a bounty hunter and a ship to go along with it. The bracket system is just a unique way to crown the winners.

zhouston- you are exactly right.

i think i was just taking myself and everything else in the world Far too seriously yesterday.

sorry if i came across as a bit of an idiot.

i've really enjoyed the contest, just the way it is...i think i was just trying to gild the lily with my suggestions... we all do that i'm sure!

anyway; onions, solo: if you ever need a bunch of half baked ideas, i'm your man.

cheers everyone, but most of all cheers zhouston for giving me a friendly nudge back to reality!
captain sambuca
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Re: MOC Madness 2011 Tournament Round of 32 Underway

Postby zhouston » Tue Nov 15, 2011 3:08 pm

captain sambuca wrote:
cheers everyone, but most of all cheers zhouston for giving me a friendly nudge back to reality!

haha no problem sambuca; I hope i didn't come off as rude, you definitely had some great points I just felt like giving some input
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