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Re: FBTB MOC Madness 2011 Building Tournament Announcement

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 5:43 pm
Hi everybody, here is my Bounty hunter for the MOC Madness 2011, i ve got to say this is my first MOC ever so lets see how it goes.

My friends, il give you Jesh "BK" Walls and his ship The Vulture I
FBTB 11-VULTURE por VHPFAU, en Flickr

The Vulture I

FBTB 02-VULTURE por VHPFAU, en Flickr

The cell and engineering room

FBTB 10-VULTURE por VHPFAU, en Flickr

Check the full set on Flickr so you can meet the rest of the Walls family and the coolness of the cockpit of the Vulture I[email protected]/

Good Luck to everybody!!!

Re: FBTB MOC Madness 2011 Building Tournament Announcement

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 6:40 pm
by Lazerblade
Personally, this has been a very fun contest and I'm sure it has been for all. But tends to get very stressful the last few days. :lol:

Here is my humble entry. :D

Fazor Blade
IMG_9717_2 - Copy by Lazer Blade, on Flickr
The Bombad Barracuda's personal pilot Fazor Blade

"The Bombad Barracuda"
Bombad Barracuda by Lazer Blade, on Flickr
The most feared bounty hunter ship in the galaxy.

Prisoner Cell
Bombad Barracuda (2) by Lazer Blade, on Flickr
...and your bounty is not always comfortable. (left side view)

More pictures here or Flickr

Good Luck. :)

Re: FBTB MOC Madness 2011 Building Tournament Announcement

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 7:51 pm
by dmetcalf
Ruusk by sweetfennel, on Flickr

Kel A2
Kel A2 by sweetfennel, on Flickr

Kel A2 Prisoner Hold
Kel A2 - Prisoner Hold Closed by sweetfennel, on Flickr

Ruusk is the closest humans can come to properly pronouncing this bounty hunter's name.

His ship, Kel A2, is all about misdirection.
The nose has twin heavy laser cannons. Should it be damaged, the nose can be ejected and left behind (filled with explosives) as a mine. Ejecting the nose exposes another pair of heavy laser cannons and allows the Kel A2 to play "possum," draw in an enemy, and attack.

Kel A2 armaments also include two wing-mounted ion cannons, four wing-mounted hyperdrive-seeking concussion missiles, four belly-mounted laser cannons, and two aft-mounted sonic mines.

Ruusk pilots the Kel A2 from inside a shuttle on top of the main ship. The shuttle can separate from the Kel A2 and has a pair of wing-mounted laser cannons. Under the shuttle's canopy hides a blaster rifle. Behind the pilot seat are a pair of Ruusk's blasters.

Attached to the top of the port wing, hidden in plain site, is a Hunter Droid. The Hunter Droid is used to flush out or pin down bounties and is equipped with a pair of compact, hand-held blasters as well as an attack jet pack that includes a laser cannon and grenade launcher.

The prisoner hold is concealed inside the body of the Kel A2. Once the landing gear (seemingly a rare feature any more) is extended, the prisoner hold extends out from the belly of the ship, rotates to the aft, and becomes part of the landing gear. The prisoner hold has a canopy that allows the bounty to be safely inspected before changing custody.

View the whole set!


On a personal note, there are some tremendous builds submitted. Kudos!

Re: FBTB MOC Madness 2011 Building Tournament Announcement

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 8:02 pm
by TaoIllwind
Bounty hunter Tao Illwind bought The Spectrum from a sports team owner on some backwater planet. (The ship's accent colors matched the team's colors, according to the owner. And strangely enough, the sport was played on ice with wooden sticks.) Anyway, blah blah blah, the ship has laser guns, armor, big engines, and a nice little place that Tao can put his bounties. Tao flies The Spectrum with the help of Smedley, his little monkey.

Tao Illwind
Tao Illwind by Tao Illwind, on Flickr

The Spectrum
The Spectrum by Tao Illwind, on Flickr

'Bounty Hold' of The Spectrum
The Spectrum by Tao Illwind, on Flickr

Re: FBTB MOC Madness 2011 Building Tournament Announcement

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 8:03 pm
by TaoIllwind
wow i just panicked for a second there but then realized im in EST :)

Re: FBTB MOC Madness 2011 Building Tournament Announcement

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 8:06 pm
by Solo
Two hours and ...fifty four minutes remaining!

Re: FBTB MOC Madness 2011 Building Tournament Announcement

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 8:20 pm
by unpoko77
Long time viewer, first time poster. There are a lot of amazing entries. Good job everyone! Here's my entry hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed everyone else's creations.

Being driven out of business because companies created and patented genetically modified seeds, an average farmer, Harvey Ester, had to find a new line of work or struggle in these hard times. These greedy companies took advantage of having a monopoly over produce and destroyed crops if a hefty fee was not paid. Already living a life of meager wages this was leading Harvey to his breaking point.

Years go by and millions of people start having severe abnormalities to the point where another of race was created to categorize them. Testing shows that the seed corporations are responsible. One-by-one these corporations are questioned for human endangerment based on side-effects related to the genetically modified seeds.

Redemption day has finally come. These corporations will be taken to justice and pay for their crimes. Harvey could finally get his life back together. Unfortunately, the most of heads of these corporations flee to avoid being held accountable for their unscientific process and lack of testing of the produce. The ones that don't flee plead the 5th. How nice. Will justice ever prevail?

Just when things couldn't get worse, a malfunctioning B-wing starfighter crash-lands on Harvey's home and kills his family. Having lost everything and giving up on the legal process. Harvey decides to take matters in his own hands.

Using mechanical and structural pieces around his farm and abandoned neighboring farms Harvey outfits the crash-landed B-wing and creates his own bounty hunter ship, Scarecrow. Harvey starts his mission to collect the bounty on the corporate scum and is eventually know throughout the galaxy as the HarvEster.

Harvey Ester by unpoko77, on Flickr

Scarecrow ship by unpoko77, on Flickr

Scarecrow Prisoner Transport by unpoko77, on Flickr

Check out my flickr account for more detailed images. Good luck everyone.

Re: FBTB MOC Madness 2011 Building Tournament Announcement

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:34 pm
by dark-orange
Col. Hague and The Guppy.

Col. Hague. After 35 years as Galactic Space Police colonel, Col Hague retired and decided to take up bounty hunting.
Col. Hague by dark*orange, on Flickr

The Guppy. A Col. Hague original flying machine. A jumbled together pile of rusting metal, a discarded escape pod and a former Emperal detention cell.
Living Quarters Side by dark*orange, on Flickr

Prisoner Compartment
Prisoner Compartment by dark*orange, on Flickr

The complete set is available on Flickr ... 900898265/

Re: FBTB MOC Madness 2011 Building Tournament Announcement

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:36 pm
by graznador
When Princess Leia makes a diplomatic visit to the plant of Ooo, she falls into the clutches of the villainous Ice Lord of the Sith. She need not fear, however, for F’nn the human bounty hunter is ready to save her. F’nn pilots the J8-KE, the most algebraic ship in the galaxy. The J8-KE is equipped with extendable thrusters, armor plated jowls, and a soundsystem for playing Figrin D’an’s greatest viola hits

F'nn by graznador2, on Flickr

J8-KE by graznador2, on Flickr

J8-KE’s gut…errr…prisoner hold. by graznador2, on Flickr

Although he is a bounty hunter, F’nn’s reward is neither credits nor fame, but the knowledge that the light side of the Force has triumphed over the dark (and perhaps a kiss from the ruler of the Kandee people, Princess Bblgum).

Click through to Flickr to see more, including F'nn's droid, B3-MO.

Re: FBTB MOC Madness 2011 Building Tournament Announcement

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:53 pm
by GroudonMan
Here is my VERY last minute entry, and my first ever serious MOC! :D

Shallac Nexi
Shallac Nexi by GroudonMan, on Flickr

A bounty hunter of unknown bipedal species, Shallac Nexi has a nasty reputation in the Deep Core worlds. While it appears that the bounty hunter requires some respiratory assistance via hoses to his mouth, his nostril slits and eyes are left exposed to the air and it is assumed that oxygen is not toxic to his system.

He has been observed using a wide variety of weaponry, most often a modified Retribution blaster carbine and a pair of wrist mounted retractable vibro-daggers. In addition to the cortosis weave blades, his gauntlets housed a number of other surprises for his prey, including poison darts and nonlethal monofilament netting.

Nexi is accompanied by a pair of droids, a grey biped of unknown make that actively assists with the hunt and a black R9 astromech for ship repairs and navigational assistance.

The Rusty Dagger by GroudonMan, on Flickr

His ship, the Rusty Dagger, is a unique powerhouse hidden beneath an extremely common (and by his time, antiquated) starship hull. Much of the ship's color has worn away over the ages, exposing the dull and scored durasteel, though smatterings of its prior red and black paint job still show.

Having crashed his previous vessel on Raxus Prime while pursuing a bounty, Nexi constructed the ship using the forgotten parts on the junk planet. Taking the hull of a discarded Sienar Fleet Systems GAT-12 Skipray Blastboat, he fitted it with an engine, heavy shielding, and weaponry utilizing advanced technology that had been lost in the planet's waste for millennia. A Class 0.8 hyperdrive meant few could outrun this deceptively ordinary looking ship.

The vessel is outfitted with 2 forward facing laser cannons, a heavy twin laser turret, and a concussion missile launcher and a proton torpedo tube. Three medium ion cannons and a tractor beam projector provide an ideal system for capturing his bounties without harming the occupants.

Prisoner hold of the Rusty Dagger by GroudonMan, on Flickr

The prisoner compartment is located at the rear of the cabin, with paralysis-inducing electron beams preventing escape. These beams can be deactivated from the gunner's control panel or through a remote located in Nexi's gauntlet.

Re: FBTB MOC Madness 2011 Building Tournament Announcement

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:57 pm
by bartosza6m
I had no time for this contest, but here I am...
This is my ship "Angry Perch" with Bounty hunter "Double Blood"
b1 by bartosza6m, on Flickr

b2 by bartosza6m, on Flickr

b3 by bartosza6m, on Flickr
Good luck everyone!

Re: FBTB MOC Madness 2011 Building Tournament Announcement

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:57 pm
by Solo
So close to the end! Don't push your luck people!

Re: FBTB MOC Madness 2011 Building Tournament Announcement

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:58 pm
by Darth Dee

Babi Slymn of Alderaan and his assitant Samm Wesell a Clawdite (changeling) from Zolan. Their ship is called the USP1. Babi once was a Sith apprentice to Darth maul, but after Darth Maul developed seperation anxiety, turned to more profitable endevours. He is fond of using the ancient Sith "Light mace". The prisoner compartment of the USP1 features a drop floor should any prisoners needing to be jettisoned. Small, light, and fast, the USP1 is excellent at hiding and blending into the surroundings of most planets.

Babiok by DarthDee, on Flickr

USP1 by DarthDee, on Flickr

prisonok by DarthDee, on Flickr

Re: FBTB MOC Madness 2011 Building Tournament Announcement

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:58 pm
by ImpendingDoom
The Caperture, piloted by world-weary, battle-scarred Torque Tellini


The Caperture by Impending.Doom, on Flickr

Torque Tellini by Impending.Doom, on Flickr

Caperture Hold by Impending.Doom, on Flickr

Re: FBTB MOC Madness 2011 Building Tournament Announcement

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:59 pm
by JD4M
Raesha Ka-Lia and the Soul Snatcher.
Raesha arms the Soul Snatcher with the best weapons from her victims vessels. She offers her sedated bounties to the highest bidder. Her co-pilot Mafel Gorba is her merciless young pupil.

bh_joel_main by Joel.Baker, on Flickr

Raesha Ka-Lia
bh_joel_pilot by Joel.Baker, on Flickr

Raesha Ka-Lia, Sedated Captive and co-pilot Mafel Gorba
bh_joel_hold by Joel.Baker, on Flickr

Plenty more views on Flickr, great entries everyone

Re: FBTB MOC Madness 2011 Building Tournament Announcement

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 11:00 pm
by Solo
And that's it people! 92 Qualifying entries:

ImageImage Pax Mursa and the Starcutter
ImageImage Zume Rhapsagg and the Midnight Dragon
ImageImage Neesh and the Hornet
ImageImage Nek Sooji and the Delta
ImageImage Siouxsie and the Banshee
ImageImage Edward 'Ed' Scissor and the Praetorian I
ImageImage Mudee and the Bombad Bomber
ImageImage Phoenix Darkdirk and the Retribution
ImageImage Inca Ter' and the Eternal Dusk
ImageImage Raskarr and the Mythusilosa
ImageImage Book Tchassidy and the Falling Raindrop
ImageImage Jaren Haan and the Ender's Pride
ImageImage Zam Wessack and the Butterfly
ImageImage Jarad Felton and the Dark Prowler
ImageImage Knight and the Iron Echo
ImageImage 'Qi Remja Neshlet and the Wasp
ImageImage Niobrara Shaar and the Arkose VII
ImageImage Byron Madsen and the Byblos K-110 "Red Slave"
ImageImage [UNKNOWN] and the [UNKNOWN]
ImageImage Noam Taylor and the Drifting Dragline
ImageImage Dan Mc Leone and the Flying Garbage Can
ImageImage Warde Cobra and the Fiery Dragon
ImageImage Cra'Zed and the Laugh Box
ImageImage R. Blaschka and the Refugee IV
ImageImage The Mime and the Black Fantasy
ImageImage Captain Pythonidae and the Pit Viper
ImageImage Wraithen Vos and the Ark VI
ImageImage Zaum Raii and the Bleak Augur
ImageImage Ghome Clohrone and the [UNKNOWN]
ImageImage Fiona Abbot and the Cynic
ImageImage Lok Lesi Sadi and the Headhunter
ImageImage Kedo Morgus and the DV8
ImageImage Jostra Morricone and the BAS-e1
ImageImage Ren Pegason and the Kestral
ImageImage Q'ierr and the Raging Bantha
ImageImage Derva Frozzen and the Planefreeze
ImageImage Drain Gate and the Magseal
ImageImage Shoo-Shee and the Barracuda
ImageImage Yob Naff and the Truncheon-3
ImageImage Baneus Valdi'in and the Black Manta
ImageImage Dutch Latrobe and the Unfortunate
ImageImage ZX-Q and the BONES
ImageImage Baando Carr and the Destruction
ImageImage Grk'kh Za-a and the Dragonfly
ImageImage Constable Drex and the Hand of Fate
ImageImage Clarge Ya'Qul and the Perdition's Flame
ImageImage Michael slaydr and the Mazuma 245
ImageImage Sun and the Tzu
ImageImage Karra Sing and the Scarab
ImageImage Yobivich Ormanosky and the Tear drop
ImageImage Janice and the Wayward Turkey
ImageImage Fist Wert and the War Machine W-5
ImageImage Renzo Omalac Greebuz Thee'budan and the S'iv
ImageImage Vahn Sindo and the Cloak & Dagger
ImageImage Poisonous Morea and the Argonauta
ImageImage Kar Dela and the Good Intentions
ImageImage Wolfe and the Leviathan
ImageImage Somocto and the Bête Noire
ImageImage Khaalas and the Frozen Arbiter
ImageImage Max Destroyer and the RED DESTROYER
ImageImage XXX and the Centura
ImageImage Leloo Starjammer and the Albino Osprey
ImageImage Scri Vizla and the Abandon all Hope II
ImageImage Ned Nebulae and the Saralacc
ImageImage Kaya Rakashima and the Cannonball Run
ImageImage Adrian Sage and the Bitter Winter
ImageImage Thok Kii and the Wounded Hawk
ImageImage Doctor Vil Helskrem and the Hopeless Endeavor 49
ImageImage Yamam Oto and the Li T-Ning P38
ImageImage Gaskon and the Rebirth
ImageImage Wilson Bryant and the Blay Newton
ImageImage And'ra Aldebaran and the Rogue Apprentice
ImageImage Dukan Maelstrom and the Hunter I
ImageImage Vet Steele and the Avid Steele
ImageImage Dato Mikato and the Cursed Vengeance
ImageImage Lerion Vromic and the TIE-LERION
ImageImage Jagare and the Gungnir
ImageImage T'saydar and the Leopard
ImageImage Adjenka Ventura and the Sarracenia
ImageImage Felix and the Grudge Bearer
ImageImage Gnan Ruta and the Bespin Sunset
ImageImage Jesh "BK" Walls and the Vulture I
ImageImage Fazor Blade and the Bombad Barracuda
ImageImage Ruusk and the Kel A2
ImageImage Tao Illwind and the Spectrum
ImageImage Harvey Ester and the Scarecrow
ImageImage Col. Hague and the Guppy
ImageImage F'nn and the J8-KE
ImageImage Shallac Nexi and the Rusty Dagger
ImageImage Double Blood and the Angry Perch
ImageImage Torque Tellini and the Caperture
ImageImage Raesha Ka-Lia and the Soul Snatcher

Everyone please take a look at the entries above and PM me if I made a mistake with the names or photo links or anything like that. The four regional polls will be up tomorrow night.

The following entries were disqualified:
viewtopic.php?f=14&t=6272&start=280#p62032 DQ'd for lack of prisoner compartment

viewtopic.php?p=61634#p61634 and viewtopic.php?p=62092#p62092 DQ'd for failure to follow image guidelines

viewtopic.php?t=6272&p=61710#p61708 DQ'd unless he can verify the hull parts as official unmodified Lego elements.