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MOC Madness 2013 Round 2: C-3BO vs Korval Drcht

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Poll ended at Sat Dec 07, 2013 12:09 am

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MOC Madness 2013 Round 2: C-3BO vs Korval Drcht

Postby Solo » Wed Nov 27, 2013 2:00 am

This is now the polling thread for the ships shown above. This poll will be open for exactly 48 hours so get those votes in quick! You can still view the entries below. Contestants: this is a friendly reminder that no changes are allowed after the deadline, so your posts will be locked and if any of the photos in them change you will be disqualified.

This is the submission thread for the pilots listed above. Your letter this round is A.

The deadline for this round is 8pm Pacific time next Sunday, December 1st.

Post your starfighter photos below. Include up to three photos and label them as follows: one you'd like to use as the polling image, one demonstrating the letter, and one showing your pilot in the cockpit. Standard photography restrictions apply.
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Korval Drcht - Round 2: Letter A Entry

Postby thelegochronicler » Sun Dec 01, 2013 2:09 pm

My entry for round 2.

Pilot Image
Pilot Shot by TheLegoChronicler, on Flickr

Polling Image:
A-Wing Profile Shot by TheLegoChronicler, on Flickr

Letter Image:
Shape Shot by TheLegoChronicler, on Flickr

More Images Availible on my Photostream:[email protected]/

“Hey Korval, the Cap’s got a job for us.” Numo, the bubbly human Drcht had befriended, slapped him on the arm. “We’re to shuttle down to the planet… hold on let’s see if I can pronounce this, ‘Kolokinkactac-’ you know what, forget it. We drop to this planet and pick up a couple fighters from the locals, then fly ’em back to the ‘Rebirth.’ Easy peasy.”
Drcht gave a theatrical sigh. “I steal a prototype craft and hand it to the Rebellion, and they treat me like an errand boy?”
“Hey, I don’t cut the orders, I just deliver them. Besides, anything to get out in space, right?” She flashed a grin. “Meet me at the hangar in five.”

Once they hit planetside and found their craft, Drcht had a little trouble climbing into the suspended cockpit, and then folding himself up to fit inside once he got there. It also took a minute to figure out how to turn the blasted thing on, but once he got in the air his intuition kicked in.
Numo’s voice crackled over the com, worried but controlled. “I’m not gaining altitude and I’m losing thrust.”
“There’re pedals for thrust. No, push up, they’re backward,” Drcht coached. “Now there’re knobs to adjust pitch and yaw on your left, probably below your knee. That’s it, you’ve got it.”
“Wow, I would’ve biffed it back there for sure! I’m glad we don’t have to learn to pilot these things in combat!”
“What do you mean? These controls are ridiculously responsive, and it feels like there’s an inertial dampener in here. I could pull off maneuvers with this thing that I’d never even try in a-” he almost said “TIE,” but caught himself in time. “In anything else. I’d love to try one out in combat!”
“These craft are too specific to the Kolokintians. We’re just flying these back for parts.”
That seemed inefficient. These were two perfectly good fighters, rare too. Drcht had never seen one, and he’d bet the Empire wouldn’t be able to recognize them either. He could probably retrofit the cockpit for humanoid use, and they’d be the perfect espionage craft. He’d have to have a talk with the Captain when they landed.
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Re: MOC Madness 2013 Round 2: C-3BO vs Korval Drcht

Postby rodiziorobs » Sun Dec 01, 2013 4:27 pm

Glad to be back for Round 2! Here is my entry:




After C-3BO had dispatched its last target, a valuable C-5W model in the possession of the Trade Federation, another assignment came down from an unknown solicitor. No matter, C-3BO would be the last to pass judgment on its client--particularly because it didn't have the programming for it. It had at one point temporarily inserted a few such lines into its own code, but then promptly deleted them; getting the job done was more efficient if you could remain totally impassionate, and efficiency was what mattered most in this business. Not to mention, if it lost (i.e. were terminated), C-3BO could not care less. Literally. It wouldn't be long until its remote backup of itself acknowledged the problem and began to rebuild itself if it did fail this mission. An ingenious failsafe, to be sure, which gratefully had never been put to use. If C-3BO had been capable of such a thing as gratitude.

The sum offered: sizeable. Enough for some considerable hardware upgrades. The target: a cybernetic lifeform in the Dorito galaxy, serial number a-90p-c. C-3BO had never encountered a cyborg, and wasn't sure what to expect, but was pretty sure that its biological component would be susceptible to the poison gas. Although it had no programming to experience nostalgia, it was almost as if the humanoid robot had missed using this weapon of choice, it had been so long since it had the chance.

In anticipation of the kill C-3BO built a new craft, synced its processor with the ship controls, and set coordinates for Dorito...
More pictures in this set on rodiziorobs' Flickr page.
See more on my Flickr page.
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Re: MOC Madness 2013 Round 2: C-3BO vs Korval Drcht

Postby banthafodder » Sun Dec 01, 2013 9:56 pm

Both are terrific entries and clever designs.
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Re: MOC Madness 2013 Round 2: C-3BO vs Korval Drcht

Postby majortom » Mon Dec 02, 2013 5:41 am

O_O This is gonna be a close one. These are really good! Best of luck to both of you!
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Re: MOC Madness 2013 Round 2: C-3BO vs Korval Drcht

Postby naugem » Mon Dec 02, 2013 10:44 am

Nicely-shaped ships. A is a though letter, but both ships pull it off great!
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Re: MOC Madness 2013 Round 2: C-3BO vs Korval Drcht

Postby rodiziorobs » Sat Dec 07, 2013 3:14 pm

Thanks thelegochronicler--I really liked your ship and wish we both could advance. :( Good luck and good building..!
See more on my Flickr page.
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