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The Crew of the Orion. (Purist-ish)

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The Crew of the Orion. (Purist-ish)

Postby Groovybones » Tue Mar 31, 2009 9:20 pm


here's the crew of my WIP, The Orion.

from left to right:

Greenon Flak: the rodian fighter pilot with an addiction to high speeds.

Nien Carb: the ship’s engineer who is as tough as durasteel and loves a good firefight.

Grosm Nitor: the captain of The Orion, Grosm likes fast speeders, slow women and loads of cash. (my star wars sig-fig.)

R-30377: the scrap together droid that Grosm and Nien made from parts they found on an old battlefield, he specializes in communications and hand-to-hand combat.

M8-264: the crew’s M8 (nicknamed Harold)

Chimen Tor: Grosm’s Twi’lek co-pilot and best friend, lives for the simple life, even as a pirate, and loves nothing more than a good game of sabacc and a tall glass of correlian ale.

Orban Nask: the human scout aboard the Orion, Orban spends most of his time with Nien and specializes in espionage and assassination.

ok, now the credits.
Sword/Vibroblade/Machete by Mkj
M8 design by Don Solo
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