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CMF Licsense Mash Up Fun.

There's more to LEGO than building, here you can take the hobby in a much different direction.

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CMF Licsense Mash Up Fun.

Postby itchybreath » Sat Oct 29, 2011 3:49 pm

In the spirit of Halloween, I whipped up some quick and quirky combos. I know Spider-man and Voldermort aren't dressed in CMF attire, but I wanted to dress them up as closely to their name as I could. I really wish I had more minifigures from other licenses to include for this.

Suiting up for Halloween. by Ezra Balanga, on Flickr
Enjoy: Soldiermort, Dwarf Vader, Balboa Fett, Lumber Jack, Spider-Can, Batman.

Also, Here's some HP/CMF Mash-ups:
CMF HP Mash up by Ezra Balanga, on Flickr

If only I had more SW Torsos, here's just a very few SW/CMF Mash-ups:
Knights of the CMF by Ezra Balanga, on Flickr
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Re: CMF Licsense Mash Up Fun.

Postby lemons » Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:40 am

haha these are really cool. :)
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