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[SW] Smuggler & Heavy B1 Battle Droid Prototype

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[SW] Smuggler & Heavy B1 Battle Droid Prototype

Postby Isinfier » Sat Aug 14, 2010 1:44 pm

I got fairly irritated recently at how most of my previous Star Wars siggys had essentially been a Jedi, or a Bounty Hunter of some kind. The fact that the majority of the community seems to fall into those two categories most of the time drove me to re-imagine my original siggy - Kalos Eden.

So, here he is - a fairly simple smuggler, with an even simpler blaster (BrickArms Luger /w a U-Clip, and Clone Lamp). I may, or may not contemplate building him some form of vessel in the future (a fighter? a freighter? Who knows, eh?) - but for now, I'm content to add him to the Wall of Sigs.

Kalos Eden, yet again - alongside the first member of his crew to be unveiled.

The Droid is heavily based on Zeessi's spectacular Fatboy, with a few modifications. He still needs a paintjob, a few more additions and a name before he's fully prepped for the crew!

- Joe
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