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Thinking of making Delta Squad

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Thinking of making Delta Squad

Postby CommanderKeller » Fri Sep 04, 2009 9:24 am

I have seen some other customs of them and I wanted to start my own. I like the decals for some but I like one of them that used brickforges marine armor.
Can anyone give me some good pics of each team member? I had a hard time finding some good ones on google. Some helpful tips and/or things you think would be cool to see would be appreciated. :)

Got some pics and started work today. Finished Boss's helmet and Fixers. Needs some dry time. I used sharpie and some gel pens. The gel pen was used to make the blue-looking visor. If the gel stays on overnight, I will seal it with nail polish.

I also finished Scorch's backpack along with Fixers. Sevs is coming along great but I am confused on what to do with this part of it. *See the blue light looking thing on his left shoulder? Not sure what do with that...
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