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[SW] Mini V-Wing (Ep. III)

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[SW] Mini V-Wing (Ep. III)

Postby Obi-Jon » Tue Nov 20, 2012 4:58 pm

Hi everyone

Long time no post! Things have got rather busy. New house, fiance, rugrat! Not much time for building (or anything else for that matter).

Anyway, this is not a 100% original creation. My starting point was the V-Wing minikit model from the original Lego Star Wars videogame:

Now this to me was not much to write home about. (It was dull!) So I decided to do something about it. ;)

With not too much effort I think I have turned this model in to something that lego could actually sell. The actual build of the model remains pretty much unchanged but for a few changes.

A list of some of the simple mods are below:

Changed red for dark red
Added another layer of wedge plates to the nose
Narrowed the four vertical wings by replacing wedge plates with 1x4 plates
Replaced the 2x3 wedge plates used for deflectors with 2x4 wedge plates
Added a round 2x2 plate before the hinge bricks and attached binoculars for the laser cannons

the results are below:

Let me know what you think.

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