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Lighting up

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Lighting up

Postby Andi » Thu Mar 26, 2009 8:50 am

I think I never posted a thread about giving my X-Wing some backlights.
So let me do it now together with another LED project I was working on in the last two days.

First the X-Wing:
First I needed a hole directly in the middle of the big white bricks. Because we don't have such a small driller I did it with hammer and nail. Worked pretty well.

The wires from the leds were a bit short, so I decided to use two batteries. The one connection I hided in the "Lightsaber closet", the other one above the wing mechanism.

The end result:

The second thing is: I wanted to include some light into a Minifig Display Case. First I thought I make an extra one for my two chrome figs (Vader and C3PO), but after some unsuccessful browsing of Ebay (darn, that Cricket and Baseball isn't popular in Germany) I decided to include the two into the big display case from my Master Replica scale Han Solo Blaster which is already used from some Star Wars Figs.
Then I thought about how to include the lights. First I wanted to add 12 LEDs into a 6x6 plate. But that was soo much wires that I removed 6. But the remaining 6 plus battery plus switch still needed too much space to include them into the case.
So finally I had the idea to put the plate outside on the top of the case. An extra plus with this way is that I don't need to drill a hole into the case, for having outer access to the switch.
It looked awesome, so I decided to use the other 6 LEDs too, but in an extra plate which I placed on the other side of the top.
The end result:

You can see more photos here
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Re: Lightning up

Postby Galagoo » Sun Mar 29, 2009 1:22 pm

Now, someone's gotten excited by LEDs.. ;)

The result does look good, too. The cables overall look somewhat messy, but it's a small issue compared to the sight of the lights. I can only imagine how cool they look in real life.

Oh, by the way, "lightning up"? ;)
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