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[Video Games] Collaborative Lego Portal project.

Got an awesome creation that you'd like to share with the community? We want to see it! This is also where to post your WIPs and techniques to brainstorm with other builders.

[Video Games] Collaborative Lego Portal project.

Postby Lego junkie » Tue Jun 19, 2012 12:31 am

As some of you have seen from the teasers that we posted last week, Team Jigsaw (Lego Junkie, 55555, Arkov and myself) had been working on a LEGO Portal project for Cuusoo. Sadly Cuusoo considers Portal an innappropriate license for unspecified reasons, and although we tried numerous forms of contact we were unable to appeal this decision.

We didn't know this until we tried to submit the project, so we're left with a polished piece of work even though it's not possible to get supporters for it. So here are the results of our work, enjoy!

GLaDOS' test chamber.
GLaDOS' Chamber by [Lego Junkie], on Flickr

GLaDOS' Chamber

Primary Designer: Evan
Chell is trapped in the Aperture Science complex!
Lead through test after test by GLaDOS, Chell has finally found the psychotic robot's lair!
Will she succeed in destroying her nemesis? The final battle and the fate of Aperture lies in your hands!

Includes three minifigures, Chell, Wheatley, and the famous potato.
Features battle platform, portal gun, and GLaDOS
GLaDOS can swing a full 360 degrees and is able to rotate her head in all directions
Perform a core transfer with Wheatley and GLaDOS!
Battle platform is over 5" (15cm) long
GLaDOS is over 9" (22cm) wide, and over 12" (30cm) high
Parts count: 499+

"I hope you brought something stronger than a portal gun this time. Otherwise, I'm afraid you're about to become the immediate past president of the Being Alive Club, haha."

Rendered by Brickthing/Nick V, built and completed in LDD by Evan B/LJ.

Modular Testing Chamber
Modular Testing Chamber by Brickthing, on Flickr

Modular Testing Chamber Modules by Brickthing, on Flickr

Make your very own Test Chamber out of LEGO, in any way that you want! First build the modular frame to the dimensions you choose, and then fill the walls and floor with tiles, platforms, buttons and more! Finally, add accessories such as turrets, cubes, small buttons, signs, cameras and most importantly, test subjects!

Includes four minifigures, Chell and 3 Aperture Science Sentry Turrets.
Completely modular design allows you to redesign the chamber for different tests.
Solve button puzzles with the Weighted Storage Cube, or dodge the laser sights of an array of turrets!
Use the 4 different pattern tiles to create any 2 digit number for the level sign.
Discover a hidden Ratman den behind the testing chamber walls.
Standard Testing Chamber arrangement is over 10" (25cm) long, 5" (12cm) deep and 6" (15cm) tall!
Combine multiple Modular Testing Chamber sets and your own module designs for unlimited variations. The possibilities are endless!
Parts Count: ???

Collection of minifigures/Turrets/Cores.

Portal Minifigs by Brickthing, on Flickr
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Lego junkie
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Re: Collaborative Lego Portal project.

Postby Solo » Tue Jun 19, 2012 9:25 am

I hope some of this gets built into actual models for BrickCon 2012, because Catsy has something similar but not designed specifically for Cuusoo in the works. Is that Glados designed to be build with existing parts?
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Re: Collaborative Lego Portal project.

Postby Lego junkie » Tue Jun 19, 2012 12:18 pm

Actually, GLaDOS was built in the real brick before being rendered by Brickthing.

I never bothered to take pictures because I figured the renders would do her justice.
As for BrickCon, I'm not too sure. Neither BrickThing or myself plan on attending, so we would be forced to ship the models in to Catsy before the convention, and have him ship them back afterwards.

It may be too crazy too actually work out, but we could give it a try!

Lego junkie
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Re: Collaborative Lego Portal project.

Postby amrasnenharma » Tue Jun 19, 2012 1:05 pm

Any possibility on even partial building instructions for GlaDOS. She is amazing well designed. Everything looks fantastic.
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Re: Collaborative Lego Portal project.

Postby Future » Fri Jun 22, 2012 8:37 am

Absolutely fascinating! I`d love to buy smth like that for my collection! XD
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Re: [Video Games] Collaborative Lego Portal project.

Postby Lego junkie » Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:26 am

Thanks to the awesome staff at Cuusoo who gave Portal a second look, this project is now on Cuusoo and 100% suportalable! If you'd like to see Portal LEGO sets become a reality, support it now at the page below!

If you're seeing this message, please spread the word. 10K supporters is a lot, but we can make it quickly with your help. If you just click the share button that links to your Facebook account and link in your social media accounts, we can get this thing done!

Team Jigsaw thanks you!
Lego junkie
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