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[Space/Warhammer] Marauder War Chariot

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[Space/Warhammer] Marauder War Chariot

Postby Boyfromvalley » Mon Mar 23, 2009 5:40 pm

Not my first lego custom but my first post here.

Okay, not sure if this if above is the right title category. Originally I was trying to do a castle custom by doing a sort of medieval type steam boat similar to the boat that features in the Zelda game Phantom Hourglass. Didn’t turn out the way I intended and decided on something different.
I got the idea from looking at the Ork Warcraft figures (they being one of my favourite) and the types of vehicles they drive in a picture in a War Hammer magazine. I’m crap at all that miniature painting stuff and thought I’d try instead with lego.
I figured there would be three riders, the driver at the front, the War Lord sitting high on his chair, and finally the gunner.
I have been thinking of adding other troll figures but dosen’t seam to be any where else to put them.
I had a spare lego skeleton and thought it would look good as a sort of prisoner who had died chained to the vehicle and they hadn’t bothered to take him down.
The slave girl was the last addition. I’d seen loads of Sci Fi images of various Ork or alien War Lords riding on such vehicles and always having a slave girl on a leash. I got a Leia slave figure off ebay and a lego chain and sat her at the feet of the Warlord
:shock: :lol: >:(
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