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[Apocalypse?] Death Legion Outpost

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[Apocalypse?] Death Legion Outpost

Postby Cali » Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:41 pm

So I made this last year, but never got around to posting it. 'Cause I'm amazingly lazy. Heck, I even have some of the pieces still attached to the base plate I used. :lol: I liked building it, was my first actual landscaping attempt. And I was very pleased on how the cannon came out.


Image is link to gallery.

So, what do ya think?
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Re: [Apocalypse?] Death Legion Outpost

Postby Galagoo » Sat Mar 21, 2009 12:46 am

The cannon post really is cool, and neatly greebled, too. Nice job with that.

As for the landscaping, it isn't as such that bad at all - leaving some bare ground visible was a neat idea - put as criticism I'd recommend higher height differences to make the shaping more visible. The edged between snow and bare ground are also unnaturally sharp, so using slopes, gradually lowering plate layers or just some 1x1 white bricks might be a good idea to make the transition look smoother and more natural.
Overall, however, I'd say it's well done for first attempt in landscaping.

By the way, even though the design of the outpost building is cool, it's also somewhat plain. Greebling and detailing are nearly always a good idea. ;)
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