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[Podracer] Skellie Inc. Racer

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[Podracer] Skellie Inc. Racer

Postby iamded » Thu Mar 19, 2009 1:01 am

Hello there FBTB'ers. Thought I'd introduce myself with a MOC. Grabbed all the Castle Skellie sets I have, deconstructed them, and started building. :)

Picture is link.

When the Dark Wizard heard of these 'Pod Racers', he saw potential in the idea, a machine like this could case devastation in the Crown Knight's automobile industries. Their carriages would be no match for the likes of one of these, the profits would be huge! Once these were on the market no one would want anything else. So the Wizard went about ordering his skeletal minions around to build one of these machines. With some sturdy Castle construction here, and a touch of magic there, the machine was finally complete. With easy to control magic-orb steering, and armed skeletons forged into the engines for security, the Skellie Inc Racer was a hit in sales. The Dark Wizard succeeded over the crown army... in automobile sales...

I only used skeleton things from TLC's official '07-'08 sets. I plan on making a troll and Dwarf racer as well, as Castle is kinda my thing. ;)
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Re: [Podracer] Skellie Inc. Racer

Postby Galagoo » Thu Mar 19, 2009 1:34 pm

Very cool. The pod looks great, and the detailing is really nice. The black skeletons on the engine noses are a neat touch.

I have to say, though, that even though the medieval-looking structure of the engines does look good, it looks quite dull compared to the spikey pod. :p
The same goes for the black parts and flames on the engine rears; being next to the cool white claw-like stucture, they seem rather unimpressive. Therefore, some other solution for them - more white spikes, perhaps? - might do the trick better.
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