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[Star Wars] MINI Venator

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[Star Wars] MINI Venator

Postby lordvader208 » Fri Mar 13, 2009 8:32 pm

So I took apart my Republic Attack Shuttle to attempt to make a Venator solely out of the pieces from that set. This is what I came up with:

Of course, it's not totally accurate, and some of the strategies used are pretty awkward. The top of the venator is simply inverted slopes that i "re-inverted" and just put right on the plates. It doesn't stay too well and the only thing keeping it together are the studs but other than that, the top part will fall off at a slight angle. I am open to any comments and criticisms, but I hope you like it!
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Re: [Star Wars] MINI Venator

Postby Galagoo » Sat Mar 14, 2009 1:09 am

Well, excluding the awkward top structure and the oversized engines - the number of which is also way too small - I really like it. It may be of a simple design, with few greebles and so, but the sturdy, old-fashioned look really appeals to me. The shape is good-looking, too; you've captured it rather well.

The top and the engines are the problem spots, though.. Do you have any pieces left to make more and smaller engines, plus a way to attach them? Even though the current engines look good, the sheer size of them makes the adding of others real challenging. One thing you could do right away is taking off the top trans-blue sylinders (which stick out too much anyway) and attaching them lower and more center. Thus it would look more like there are two engines, which would make the MINI more accurate.

As for the bridge section, I suppose you've run out of slopes you could build it right side up, since you built it upside down in the first place. The structure looks pretty good, too, so the thing to do would be to make up a way to attach it to the main body. Does the RAS include any clip hinges? They would be practical. If not, you could always try to make some kind of a connection with technic pins or bar bricks if the set offers any.

That's my 0,02 €, I hope it'll help even a bit.
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Re: [Star Wars] MINI Venator

Postby lordvader208 » Sat Mar 14, 2009 1:18 pm

Thanks for your feedback!

I do understand that the top and engines are the main problem. I have tried thinking about ways to attach the top with clips but i think the major problem is that the clips are the 1x2 kinds and are white, which would kinda throw off the whole color scheme and make everything more bulky than it should be. And yes, there aren't any 2x2 or 2x3 slopes that are rightside up in this set, which is why I had to use the inverted slopes. So in a sense, I didn't run out; there just weren't any in the set in the first place. XD

As for the engines, I also had no choice based on the pieces included in the set. The only light grey cylindrical pieces in the set are the huge ones that I used for the engines. the set doesn't come with any 1x1x1 cylinders or 2x2x1 cylinders. It does have 1x1x1 cylinders in lime green, yellow, and trans blue, but they would look retarded, so I didn't use them.

Anyways, I have already broken up the venator :shock: because my shelf seemed empty without my shuttle. It was just a fun little experiment that I thought I would throw it out there for people to see.
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Re: [Star Wars] MINI Venator

Postby Jake » Mon Mar 16, 2009 6:15 am

For an alt-build, I really like it. It might not look prefect, but inverting the slopes to make the brridge was a good idea, and the shape is in general accurate, apart from the rear. Good representation with limited pieces!
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