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[SPACE/HALO] AV-14 Hornet

Got an awesome creation that you'd like to share with the community? We want to see it! This is also where to post your WIPs and techniques to brainstorm with other builders.

[SPACE/HALO] AV-14 Hornet

Postby Firespray » Fri Mar 13, 2009 3:01 pm

Chuck's Hornet made me geek out when I first saw it and after begging and begging for instructions and never getting any, I finally managed to make one based on his design :p


More pictures here including loltastic WIP shots :lol:
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Re: [SPACE/HALO] AV-14 Hornet

Postby BigBenKenobi » Fri Mar 13, 2009 5:24 pm

Nice...definately one of my favorite ships/vehicals from Halo 3 for sure. And the best part is, it resembles the actual thing ;) .
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Re: [SPACE/HALO] AV-14 Hornet

Postby Galagoo » Sat Mar 14, 2009 4:08 pm

Very nice, albeit the various colour shades give a somewhat messy overall look.

And even though the ski thingie in the front is sticking out inaccurately much, I have to say I really like how it looks. It gives the vessel a really neat shape and some character.
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Re: [SPACE/HALO] AV-14 Hornet

Postby Jake » Mon Mar 16, 2009 6:18 am

Eww, Halo... (I spent the weekend being shot at and run over in an assortment of vehicles (but not this) and levels :P) I kid, of course. Personally, I think the design is ridiculous at best, especially with the panels to stick unlucky troops on, but I think that it's a good representation of a rather daft concept. Well done.
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