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[Star Wars] Armored Infantry Dropship

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[Star Wars] Armored Infantry Dropship

Postby Clonecommando007 » Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:18 pm

The Armored Infantry Dropship is my latest MOC, built for the 54th vs. 44th Corps Challenge at the CABG.

The 222nd Legion, shortly before the return of the 9th Cavalry Regiment, recieved a shipment of Eight Squadrons (96) AIDs, 'Armored Infantry Dropships'. AIDs are a prototype vehicle, one of many in the Republic's ongoing 'Rapid Infantry Deployment' program. The AID has the ability to fly fast into a hot zone, evade enemy defenses, and drop a box pod carrying infantry into a hot zone, all without ever coming to a stand-still or hover.

Fully Gallery Here, overview pictures below, including my poorly edited box art picture. Still learning Gimp. ;)




Production Information
Manufacturer: Roantha Heavy Engineering
Product Line: Rapid Infantry Deployment, RID
Model: Armored Infantry Dropship
Class: Dropship

Technical Specifications
Length: 7.2 Meters
Wingspam: 7.0 Meters
Height: 3.1 Meters
Maximum Speed: 710 Km/h
Armament: 2x Medium Laser Cannons, 2x Z-6 Rotary Turrets, 2x Missile Pods, 4x Air to Air Rockets
Crew: One Pilot, One Gunner
Passengers: Four fully equipped Specialized Infantry
Cargo: 12 cubic meters or 1x Medium Artillery Piece or 1x Speeder Bike or 1x Infantry Support Tank, all w/o passengers.
Consumables: Fuel for 7 hours, emergency rations for 6 life forms.

Comments? Constructive Criticism?

Thank you for reading. :)
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Re: [Star Wars] Armored Infantry Dropship

Postby Jake » Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:18 pm

Cool idea, like the Impy BP but more fleshed out. The droppy bit is nice, but the cockpit is rather messy. How does the pilot see out, for one thing? The downward sloping angle of the cockpit towards the rear messes with the angles of the bulky carrying bit, so maybe reverse the canopy piece. The forward guns look tacked on, although I like the side ones. However, ditch all the arches, because otherwise you'll get space in the ship, and asphyiation will follow. Which will be messy. The engines are good, but the wings seem too small for the bulk of the body, so maybe expand them somewhat. All in all, it's a good start, but it needs some tidying up...
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Re: [Star Wars] Armored Infantry Dropship

Postby SuperDave » Fri Feb 27, 2009 1:23 pm

I agree with much of what Jake said. I like the back end, but the cockpit needs refinement- the canopy really doesn't look right to me.
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