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[Castle] Job Mullers: Cottage of the Guild of Cakesniffers

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[Castle] Job Mullers: Cottage of the Guild of Cakesniffers

Postby Jargon » Mon Feb 23, 2009 2:12 pm

I intended to enter this into the Job Mullers contest, but I, due to a time zone miscalculation, missed the deadline by two hours.
This is my first real Castle building, and I realize it's rather plain. Please post any feedback or suggestions.




The job of a cakesniffer is rather self-explanatory. A cakesniffer is someone who smells pastries, inspecting for any defects. No one knows why medieval peasants required such a treatment for their cakes, but to buy an unsniffed cake was unheard of.

The bakers were unhappy with this practice, however, and began to grumble. Some resented the implications toward their baking and others grew tired of mustache hairs upsetting their perfectly frosted deserts. The majority, however, believed the cakesniffers to be hucksters and frauds. Eventually, even though the practice died out, the title still lingered on people’s lips, becoming a general term of contempt. This usage still persists today, to some extent.

    - Aaron
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Re: Job Mullers: Cottage of the Guild of Cakesniffers

Postby Jake » Mon Feb 23, 2009 5:41 pm

I agree that it's quite plain, but I love the concept. For interior, maybe add shelves of cakes and assorted paraphanalia. For the exterior, do a path to the door surrounded by a garden, and maybe add some architectural touches to the windows, fancy frames, etc. Basically, just jazz it up...
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