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Imperial Probe Droid Lego MOC

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Imperial Probe Droid Lego MOC

Postby minimitch » Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:12 pm

My favorite STAR WARS movie of all time is The Empire Strikes Back...Awesome!
Lego made a bunch of Empire themed sets and my biggest gripe always is that LEGO never really made an Imperial Probe Droid that I actually liked.
So I set my sights on making one. Hope you like my instructional video of my Lego Imperial Probe Droid MOC and if you build one using my video I'd love to here it. Enjoy!
Thank You,
Mini Mitch
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Re: Imperial Probe Droid Lego MOC

Postby PurpleDave » Fri Oct 27, 2017 1:26 pm

I agree that they've failed to make a really attention-grabbing Probe Droid, but they can be improved sometimes. I think it was the first version they did where I got a double of the smallest bag in my set, which included all of the black battle droid arms. I used a few of them to make the arms more proportional to the body, and stuck one more on for the short manipulator arm. Not the fanciest, and certainly not kid-proof, but it looks a lot better. I did another one about the same size as yours, completely from scratch, and all in white with clear for the eyes (snow sculpture). And I made one around an original Toa torso as part of my Star Wars Bionicle series.

Ironically, I still have no true sense of scale between the Probe Droid and a human. As such, I don't know if yours is in minifig scale, or if my gut instinct is correct about it being a little on the large side. Obviously, shrinking it even a little will require losing a lot of detail. And that's the ironic part. I can't really make out much detail because of how you shot the video. Inside with more controlled lighting, or even just pointing a portable lamp or two at it to help compensate for the overpowering backlight would really improve the video. Maybe if I was using a computer with a large screen, it'd help in that regard, but the details are pretty much obscured by shadow on my iPod.
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