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[Power Miners]The Rock Monsters Strikes Back - Monster Blade

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[Power Miners]The Rock Monsters Strikes Back - Monster Blade

Postby Larry Lars » Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:52 am


I decided to enter the Monsters Revenge contest to show my support for the much debated April fools joke thet started it all.
Here's the back story:

Suddenly one day the rock monsters found this brutal machine placed there by a mysterious benefactor that wanted to even out the odds a bit between the rock monsters and the confident miners. The blunt force that is the rock monstes only had a vauge idea what it could be used for, but that turned out to be quite enough. The monsters only needed to figure out how to power up and steer the powerful beast of a truck.
This kamikaze style vehicle is powered by a pull back motor and the front wheels drives the giant saw blade. The two demolition arrows fire upon impact since the triggers connects to the armoured plates that sourrounds the vehicle.
The Power Miner never knew what hit him.

I like to play around with pull-back-motors and those silly arrow shooters. It's quite a challange to come up with something that actually works and maybe would end up being interesting play features that will impress my kids. In this case I thought that would be the way to go. Of course the rock monsters should have vehicles with their own "over the top color scheme".


more at my Flickr
Larry Lars
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