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[SW] b-Wing Fighter

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[SW] b-Wing Fighter

Postby dWhisper » Mon Dec 02, 2013 2:36 pm


Already posted this before everyone got the early present of an extra couple of days, and it was a build that I was happy enough with that I just sort of left it. I'd like to say there's some great story that went into its creation, but mostly I had an idea early on, that I wanted to use the bubble cockpit and I wanted it to be connected to a single pylon to make a lower-case B.

Initially, I set out with a few, somewhat unrealistic goals. One was to use the bubble cockpit, something I've never used in a build before. I have a few Alien Conquest sets, and always intended to use them in something, just never got around to it. I also wanted to use a color I don't typically use in building. Given that yellow is far and away my least favorite color in LEGO, and I managed to get it in there, I think I succeeded.


The last goal was a bit weird, and it's one I had to give up on... and that was to build a pylon that was no more than two studs wide. Initially, I'd intended to do this with a couple of back-to-back plates, held together by rubber bands. I'd gotten something that was the right width, but it just looked terrible. I couldn't get the thing into a consistent look between them, and hiding the rubber bands added way too much thickness to the model.


Instead, I opted for the slopes here. I actually didn't want the dark grey initially, but it turns out that the curve slope part in the midsection isn't available in my other colors (or I didn't have it), yellow and light grey, so I had to work in. Ultimately, it worked out, since that gave me the freedom to work in some grills and get a better color flow between the sections.


That was actually one of the things I was really happy about in this build... keeping the colors in a nice, logical order. I have a problem with that, historically, and tend to use a part because it's functional rather than it looking right. Here, I kept the colors in a basic color order, and it managed to work out through the entire build. I probably could have done more to fix the back up, and might still, though I have to come up with a much better way to mount a cockpit on this thing.

Much like my W-Wing, this wasn't an especially swooshable build. That center pylon is certainly solid and stable, but the cockpit was only held on by a two-stud plate.


The weirdest thing about this build was how understated the engines were. Really, they're just sort of there because of limitations to the size of the build. Kind of weird for me, since I'm a guy who likes big engines (read whatever you like into that). Here though, big didn't fit, so I wanted something simple.

While I don't have any intentions on leaving this thing together as-is after this phase of the contest, I like the general idea of some parts. I'm thinking I want to take the pylon/nose and almost turn it into some sort of TIE-like build, maybe build a second section to go with it figure something out. I'd welcome any feedback to the general design or build to see what more I can improve on it, or tear apart.

That and I'm waiting to see someone comment on my choice of elements for a particular greeble. This ship would be unstoppable if anyone realized it was there...
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Re: [SW] b-Wing Fighter

Postby Solo » Mon Dec 02, 2013 2:52 pm

I see it. I'm amazed the ship can fly at all, considering...
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Re: [SW] b-Wing Fighter

Postby rodiziorobs » Fri Dec 06, 2013 12:06 am

One of my favorites from this round, even though the cockpit is kind of overwhelmed by the pylon. You put the colors to good use.

As far as the greebling, it took me a minute, but I see it. I don't think I would have if not for Don's comment, so it must fit in pretty well. ;)
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