Happy Friday, folks!  Big C here with your weekly look at the most popular conversations and goings-on in the forums right now.

First look at Home 1 set from ToyFare magazine — Check this out to see the ongoing conversation about the brand-new and totally sweet Home One playset that’s just been revealed by ToyFare! Green A-Wing. Ackbar. Mon Motha. Crix Madine. SWEEEEET.
What Got You Started On Star Wars Lego? — This is a pretty cool little talk about what got everyone interested in LEGO Star Wars. I remember we’ve done this before, but I think it’s excellent to start up topics like this again for the forum reboot. We have a bunch of new members that need to contribute to these sorta things.
Who Are You? — Pretty self-explanatory. 🙂 Click on over here to let everyone know who you are. Like I said, we’ve got a whole passel (that’s right, I used “passel”) of new members, and we’ve got several people who have changed their names (including myself), so check out this thread to see just who the heck everyone is.
FBTB 3.0: Your feedback here! — Got something to say about the new digs? Love ’em, hate ’em, need ’em, squeeze ’em? Hop on over here to have you say.

Also, I wanted to mention one more thing: The MOCs. Holy smokes, you guys are on fire! Way to go on participating in Shut Up And Build Week! We’ve seen some excellent MOCs in the past few days, and I know that this is just the beginning of what’s looking to be a fresh new perspective on how we build and share our creations. If you haven’t stepped in there yet, I encourage you to go take a look, because these guys are kickin’ butt.

Well done, FBTB! Y’all have a great weekend, and stay tuned for Toy Fair updates!

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