Star Wars Days is right around the corner (June 18 and 19) and we’ve been busy making plans on our second mini-convention: Bothcon 2011 (pronounced [bawth-kon]). There are two ways you can be involved with the festivities whether you are planning on visiting LEGOLAND that weekend or not.

Fan Display: We would like to have FBTB have a strong showing of MOCs from you, our community members, for the Fan Display. I dropped a few hints in the past about hanging on to your MOCs you built for our past three contests, and this is why. If you have your MOCs still built from our Chibi Fighter contest, the Podracer contest, and the Hybridfighter contest, or if you’d like to build something new to contribute, we would love to have them on display for everyone to see. You’ll have to mail your MOC in and all MOCs must be received before June 18th (obviously). You pay for postage to mail it in, we’ll pay for postage to mail everything back. All those participating will also get something for their efforts. Last year’s participants got a White Boba Fett in their goody bags. No telling what you’ll get this year.

Bothcon 2011: We plan on having a small meet and greet, a few building contests, and a goody bag that will blow your socks off. Space is extremely limited and there will be a registration fee involved. We’re still working out the details but we’ll have more information posted tomorrow night.

Interested? Hit the comments link below and let us know!