We’re closing in on the twenty four hours to go mark for the first round of bracket battles, and just over half of the builders have checked in with their speeders. This is a quick reminder for the rest of you taking full advantage of the seven day build window: make sure you’ve submitted your models by 11:59PM PST tomorrow night (August 6th) Thursday night (August 7th) to ensure you don’t forfeit the round. That would suck after making it this far. (*I apologize for the mix up, Thursday is the correct deadline for this round, you guys still have more than a day to go. Good news!)

Here are the submission threads where the polls will be posted:

ted @ndes vs Mr.Brickman
Sawyer vs goatman461
Brick Vader vs Legopard
rolli vs madLEGOman
artpants vs pasukaru76
dodge vs MotionOTheOcean
Naugem vs BrianRinker
zhouston vs markus1984