I have not seen a good portion of the MCU movies. I’m trying to play catch up but I have a long way to go (I’m in the middle of Thor). I figured I can try and burn through them and hopefully by the end I can still catch Endgame in theaters but I have my doubts. But now, I have somewhat of a deadline to meet to watch it because this Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer has an Endgame spoiler in it. I may not watch all the MCU movies in the theaters but when I do it’s a Spider-Man movie. If you’re like me and still trying to avoid spoilers, you should skip this trailer. Even spoiler-master himself Tom Holland warns you right at the beginning of the clip.

Spider-Man: Far From Home will be in theaters on July 2, 2019. You can buy new LEGO sets for it right now though over at LEGO Shop@Home. The sets themselves may carry spoilers for the movie. I don’t know so shop at your own risk.

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