Every time I see a promo or trailer for Aquaman, I keep chanting to myself “please don’t suck, please don’t suck, please don’t suck”… I’m not sure if this says more about me or in my feelings of the current state of the DC Extended Universe. I mean, there are some things going against this movie, like it being DC and being based on the resident punch line, Aquaman (the jokes are easy, but in the comics he’s actually kind of a badass).

But this movie, in particular, has some things going for it… like Jason Mamoa, Color, and jokes. I mean, DC has tried all of these things before… Jason was underused and somewhat underwhelming in Justice League, but I blame that more on Justice League being a hot mess than anything. They did color to great effect in Wonder Woman, and to considerably lesser, gritty, effect in Suicide Squad. Jokes… yeah, not really been their strong suit, unless you count laughing at things you aren’t supposed to laugh at (“the man who can climb anything!” — five seconds later, he’s dead).

In related news, Amazon Prime members in the US can purchase tickets through Amazon for a week-early sneak preview of the movie on December 15th. It will actually be opening in Europe around the same time, but this gets you a whole week of talking to fish jokes over everyone else.

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