Got a little bit of pandemic blues going on? Feel like the best way to address that is with some good-ole tabletop fun of slaughtering the undead? Well, Amazon has you covered today. Fun fact, I’m working on another post to go over the various tabletop games I’ve been trying out when in lockdown (mostly games that support single-player stuff), and was writing about Zombicide. I went to Amazon to check what was there, and saw that Zombicide: Green Horde, a full stand-alone game with some awesome miniatures, was almost half off!

Tabletop games have been in weirdly high demand while in lockdown… I know, having been trying to get so many of them, and this is by far the deepest cut I’ve ever seen for this game. It’s fun, can be played with between 1-6 players, and has the added benefit of coming with an absolute horde of miniatures that can be painted up and/or used for other purposes as well. And in Green Horde, that amounts to some heroes and Zombie Orcs!

As of this writing, you can pick up Zombicide: Green Horde for $54 on Well worth it in my opinion.

The box comes with:

  • 9 Double-Sided Game Tiles
  • 6 Survivor Miniatures and ID Cards
  • 65 Orc Zombie Miniatures
  • 1 Siege Engine: Trebuchet
  • 48 Trackers
  • 6 Survivor Color Bases
  • 6 Survivor Dashboards
  • 133 Cards
  • 68 Tokens
  • 6 Dice
  • 1 Rulebook

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