I was wrong about how I thought the unreleased Pandemic Legacy games were going to play out. Pandemic Legacy Season 0 is going to be the next release. That much is true. And I thought that Season 3 was still being worked on, but according to this new Dicebreaker interview, Season 0 will be the last final game. It says so right in the first paragraph:

It’s been three years since the last Pandemic Legacy game, and five years since Season 1 first reinvented the co-op hit with its widely acclaimed campaign. Countless cards have been torn, endless stickers have been stuck and the excitement of opening the next box of surprises hasn’t dimmed. But with Pandemic Legacy: Season 0, the series comes to an end.

Ah well, I was wrong but that doesn’t temper my expectations of the game. Ending a trilogy with a prequel feels like some sort of Soderbergh or Tarantino altered timeline film, so I’m curious how it’ll go

Pandemic Legacy Season 0 is now available for pre-order over at Z-MAN Games. Price is $79.99, but if you’re patient, you can probably score a pretty great deal on it eventually (I got Season 1 and 2 for more than half off from Amazon last year). Never played a Pandemic Legacy game before? No problem, you don’t need to have played Season 1 or 2 to play 0, it says so right on the box:

Never played any Pandemic game? The original co-op is still in print (and on sale from Amazon right now for $35.99, a 20% discount) and there’s a ton of spin-offs. There’s also a newly released scaled-down version of the original game called Pandemic: Hot Zone – North America for $19.99 available from Target right now. Designed for quicker games with less moving parts and a smaller size for portability, it’s enough to give you a taste of the full Pandemic game at a cheaper price. Think of Hot Zone as an amuse-bouche to the full game. I’m waiting for my copy of Hot Zone to come in and give it a whirl.

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