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Just as Yang Liqiang was sitting not far from him, Yunjing asked in a low voice, "You seemed to hesitate when Jiang Hao said he had a rest just now." Yang Liqiang was stunned, looked up at Yunjing, and nodded for a while. Seeing that no one was paying attention to them, Yang Liqiang leaned close to Yunjing's ear and whispered, "People were killed here before, but that was a long time ago. I was still young at that time. I was still a three-year-old baby. I haven't had an accident for so many years. It should be no problem." "Human life. Why human life? Is there anything dangerous here?" Asked Yunjing. It is said that there are magic insects, hiding in the woods, dense, once flying out, it is like rain, insects fly past, people even have no bones left. Yang Liqiang said, although the words are terrible, but the expression is very relaxed, it is estimated that so many years have not met again, he did not take it seriously. When Yunjing heard this, he turned his head and looked at the surrounding forest, only to feel a "stomp" in his heart. Just at this time, Hong Wubo took his belt and went to one side to relieve himself. Holding his trousers in one hand and the tree in the other, he looked up and relaxed to go to the toilet. Yunjing stared at Hong Wubo's hand holding the tree, only to see the sparks of Aura on the tree, like a group of ants smelling the fishy smell, moving closely and closely towards Hong Wubo's hand. Chapter 59 Countless dots converged on Hong Wubo's hand, but did not act immediately, but stopped at Hong Wubo's hand, and then gathered more and more. In the eyes of the cloud scene, if the aura was compared to light, the brightness could almost exceed the sunlight from overhead, illuminating all around. Seeing that the little things did not act immediately, Yunjing immediately got up, tried to keep a normal pace,24v Gear Motor, and stood beside Hong Wubo. . Hong Wubo, who was in the middle of urinating, thought Yunjing was also coming to the toilet. He turned his head and glanced at Yunjing. Then his eyes stopped at Yunjing's waist, waiting for Yunjing to untie his belt. Hold the hand of the trunk and slowly withdraw it. Clouds slowly tunnel. Hong Wubo raised his eyebrows: "What?"? Are you going to pee or not? You won't let people see you like a girl? With these words, he shook his crotch with special pride, shook his second child, and then took a provocative look at the cloud scene. Take your hand back slowly. Yunjing turned his head and stared at Hong Wubo. The two of them looked at each other in the air. At this moment, Yunjing released his mental strength. Hong Wubo felt his body stiff, as if he had been stared at by a dangerous giant. His hair stood up all over his body, and his spiritual power instinctively ran quickly to protect himself. The spiritual power in Hong Wubo's body flowed faster, and the light spots on the tree became more excited and crawled faster and faster. . One side of Jiang Hao and Wu Chuansen sensed the spirit of Yunjing and turned their heads in surprise. They are different from Yunjing in the way of cultivation. They do not separate spiritual power from spiritual power, but after all, they are all practitioners, so they can naturally perceive the pressure of Yunjing's high spirit. There was a flash of something strange in Wu Chuansen's eyes. He said to Hong Wubo, "Wubo, listen to him!" Hong Wubo gave Wu Chuansen a strange look, Planetary Gear Motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, then slowly took his hand away from the trunk. The moment Hong Wubo's hand broke away from the trunk, the group of insects suddenly surged crazily and filled the position where Hong Wubo's hand had just been placed in the blink of an eye. Seeing Hong Wubo's hands farther and farther away, the group of points of light immediately accumulated in situ, piled up into a mass, and then jumped into the air toward Hong Wubo. Unfortunately, Hong Wubo's hand has been withdrawn to his side, and the distance from the light spot has been pulled apart. No matter how high the light spot accumulates, it is also affected by gravity, and there is no way to touch Hong Wubo again. Yunjing breathed a sigh of relief and turned to walk towards everyone. "Get up quickly and leave this place first," he said as he walked. "What's the matter, Yunjing? Did you find anything?" Jiang Hao also felt a little unusual, but with his mental strength, he could not capture it as clearly as the cloud scene, so he had to ask. "It's dangerous here —" Cloud scene voice has not yet fallen, suddenly behind Hong Wubo issued a shrill scream, cloud scene turned around, Hong Wubo has bowed his body fell to the ground, hands covering the crotch of the whole person curled up into a ball, the whole body convulsed violently, the throat issued bursts of terrible screams. Before that, tens of millions of spiritual points were still hanging on the tree, but now they were connected into a line flying out of the tree, and one end of the line was connected to Hong Wubo's body. A trace of blood was tinged with light. Then, like dominoes, the blood started from Hong Wubo's body and quickly spread to the dense spots of light on the trunk! Yunjing darted forward and stretched out his palm to split the tree trunk in the air! Spiritual power into a huge palm appeared one meter away, accurately split the trunk, only to hear a "click", the trunk was split in half, and that pile of points of light, was suddenly scattered by the clouds. The light spots instinctively perceived the danger and fled in all directions. At such a close distance, the clouds finally saw the appearance of the group of light spots. Really is a group of insects, sucked the blood of Hong Wubo insects, turned into blood red, and the insects were originally brown green, perfectly integrated with the forest, and the insect body is very small, even if it is a magic insect containing spiritual power, so evenly distributed in the forest, it looks very inconspicuous. If not for the rapid movement of insects at the moment, even with the strength of the cloud scene, knowing that there is something fishy here, you may not be able to see the appearance of insects, which shows the strong camouflage ability of this magic insect. These insects are small and fast to escape. Even if they are clapped closely, once they escape and disperse, there is no way to destroy them one by one. See that sucked Hong Wubo blood of the magic insect into the swarm, quickly drowned by the swarm to eat, blink of an eye, the blood actually spread again in the magic insect. Human blood is just an introduction, once sucked by one of the insects, the other insects will be quickly awakened, when the overwhelming number of magic insects rushed to suck blood, this picture just think about it makes people's scalp tingle. If there are only three people here, Yunjing,micro gear motor, Morpheus and Xiaohuai, Yunjing may find a way to take down this group of magic insects, but there are six ordinary people behind him besides the monks.

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